“Débrouillard” – The best wordpress theme development log in the universe

1421051312 (1/12/2015)
Added the Shop, all sorts of theme crap to support it

This is the revision log for our platform and the WordPress theme/plugin system we run this site so beautifully on. We have a lot of complex and unique code under the hood that makes the noob blogger salivate, and well frankly that’s the idea, isn’t it? We’re not another run-of-the-mill blog out there, we’re a tightly run organized chaos with a shit ton of code customizations and a simple clean design. Boosh.

What do the first part of the numbers 1884465661&LOLWUT mean?
This is our changelog revision numbering system based on the Unix timestamp. In a terminal/shell, you can quickly get this by typing

date +%s

We copy the theme folder and test in a 100% admin area before pushing updates public. The numbering system keeps it simple and avoids landmark sprint coding that typically zigzags nowhere. This is a marathon, with our goal to be the internet’s premiere destination for quality. Builder: build.

Who’s design/code is this?
Stephen VanDyke is currently the tyrant lead coder. Stephen Gordon, David Espinoza, Kurt Thompson and a few others who are part of Team Awesome Pajamas™ have been known to chip in time to time, and we desperately try to hand them bags of gold when they do. Hammer of Truth owes a debt of gratitude to WordPress, Apache, PHP, mySQL, Linux and god knows who else. One day we’ll have a complete credits roll.

“How do I tell you something sucks/blows/rapedmymom?”
Easy, just hit us up at support@hammeroftruth.com and we’ll deal with your issues.

That sounds stupid, I wouldn’t do bug reports this way.
That’s fine. We typically don’t know what we’re doing, but we’re doing it anyways. Web professionals: join our team and make us better. ;)

1391158810 (1/31/2014)
Some small updates to the user bar and the static background images

1386666165 (12/10/2013)
Christmas logo, there’s now a way to magically swap out logos for different parts of the without editing the theme manually

1383949591 (11/8/2013)
CSS fix to tighten up content, little less white space
email/SMTP has been fixed to use support@hammeroftruth.com …this is now our official support email address
fixed indexing rules to exclude bots from urls with ?string=whatever

1360180048 (2/6/2013)
Sticky post CSS fix

1358582597 (1/19/2013)
added most commented to sidebar
logged in users no longer see facebook embed thingy in sidebar (hopefully you’ve already liked us)

1357289126 (1/4/2013)

audited third party plugin performance, page load speed cut in half
fixed broken/missing function on single post pages, woops
added bot tracking/defense

1357182275 (1/2/2013)
liberty sucker trademark, copyright re-added
stats logging added to admin/login/registration pages
removed submission email link/image
removed markdown plugin
removed useronline plugin
removed a ton of old theme code from functions.php
disabled wp-cron to alleviate server load issues from malicious bots
HoT logo in login form (the right way)
stats PHASE 1

1355168074 (12/10/2012)
changes to dashboard and footer removing libertysucker
apply noindex, follow rules for better SEO

1344315513 (8/7/2012)
re-added join link to anon user nav bar, reg page has details
launch invitation code system for new users
stats server database hooks to show number of views on post (admin beta)
fixed Theme URI location in style.css
slight style changes for logged in users (background in wp-admin and front-end, sidebar trimming)

1341530167 (7/5/2012)
logo back to normal
removed disqus and tied down comments to only logged in users, “New Comments” currently no longer works
scuttled LIVE page seeing as we don’t have a good way to maintain it
pages now have edit links moved to the top below the title… same location everywhere
Open registration for the duration of July 2012 until stats server works (you never know though) New blood added, no more donors wanted right now.
comment links on front page fixed

1341347315 (7/3/2012)
logo swapout for Independence Day
“I know not what others may choose but, as for me, give me liberty or give me death.” – Patrick Henry

1333620447 (4/5/2012)
title styling tweak, reserve red for single post

1333072235 (3/29/2012)
reformatting of the footer
added privacy policy page and linked
moved hierarchy for site info pages under /about

1332136985 (3/19/2012)
Clean up after St. Patty’s Day logo party (one day we’ll outsource this holiday logo thing to a robot timekeeper)
Updated 404 page for those rare occasional bare-ass url mistakes
font rejiggering, some stuff will probably break and look stupider, like the footer
added some more logging stuff (admins only)

1331314938 (3/9/2012)
new bar design, it’s been in transition to better things, frontend and backend
our logo got a bit of Irish luck for St. Patty’s day
“As well might you leave the fairies to plough your land or the idle winds to sow it, as sit down and wait for freedom.” – Thomas Davis

1330602575 (3/1/2012)
theme renamed from tyrant to Débrouillard
display most recent discussion/comments chronologically on its own page
article page cleaned up (edit/tags), added user profiles & photo uploads
removed mint stats, we are still in the process of migrating the old stats data to our new system
dashboard footer now links/directs to this page of development information

1329355333 (2/15/2012)
rolled in from mid-January: bluer background logo, because… blue
“random” now works better for all non-logged in users, so well we moved it to the top bar (our archives are epic, browse them)
removed G+ because it is crap
libertysucker got a long awaited dedicated stats server, now hoovering new data in tandem with Mint. We’ll get better data per post with our own stats api, and the old Mint data (not scalable) is being imported into the new system via some scriptage

1323749566 (12/12/2011)
update to WordPress 3.3 broke quite a few things, including Fluency admin… please be patient (we’re using option #2, woot)
added Google+ link
added a discrete comments policy, keep it simple
added Custom Author Byline plugin (I am exploring how to expand this one -SV)
dropped Google+ from top three sharing… sorry big G, your footprint is tiny

1321887734 (11/21/2011)
the logo was too damned big!
random articles (works best when logged in, caching is screwy for everyone else)

1320878711 (11/9/2011)
New favicon
footer expanded with libertysucker copyright/disclaimer
refactored theme code, not much visible just a lot of under the hood improvements (code appearance, extracting in place style glue to css files) in search, functions and elsewhere

1316253900 (9/17/2011)
Sidebar design changes
One ad at the top of the site (disabled by default for logged in users, they paid for that)
Caching set to 15 minutes, down from 1 hour (logged in users always get live/fresh)
Selecting text turns a different color = weeeeeeee!
Improved search utility (includes approximate results count, box at top of page)

1311019206 (7/18/2011)

re-enabled Fluency admin plugin since they now have it working correctly with WP 3.2+ (it’s purdy)
removed phone browser support since it was fucking up
helpful hover text on version gives the actual date of last code update
added the phone browser support back since it was not really so fucked up :unfortunatetrollface:
logged in menubar design tweaking
swapping in permalink/edit icons and comment num display (vertical align, lol)… cleaning up!
added awesome Markdown on Save plugin per internet superstar Alex King’s helpful blog suggestion.
What’s next? More #winningcode!

1310058047 (7/7/2011)

better menubar background for logged in users
show number of post drafts in the menubar (global number, will fix to per-user soon)
show pending (queue) to admins/editors in menubar (this should speed up the submission pickup rate significantly)
alpha – points system engaged, it’s deducting points when you publish and adding when others leave comments but we are not displaying the tally as of yet. We’re tentatively calling it “degrees” and it’s represented by the ° symbol. Now that’s HoT!
version name/number auto-magically shows up in the sidebar on it’s own, yes we were actually manually editing this every update… LOL!
admin-only link to check out online users page

1309911911 (7/5/2011)
images/bar.png updated, bigbar got some love for people who have to log out and don’t want to feel guilty (no more OR DIE). Logging out still makes us sad though
sidebar shows online to guests
“free daily” to push subscriptions over disappointment at not being able to join, remove age restriction when we’re closed, we’ll put that elsewhere
probably some other stuff, we’re now running tyrant on WordPress 3.2 with a ton of free and custom plugins that keep being refined

1308867407 (6/23/2011)
article archive imported (over 3K posts and 30K comments)
redirection tools engaged for broken links
fixed date display on older posts when there were so many days we really really want an exact date
misc minor fixes, too many to list

1307273815 (6/5/2011)
better comment/link permalinks, trying to clean this up a tad –
a few frontpage design enhancements
useronline now displays number of people in the chat (frontpage areas)

1306190936 (5/23/2011)
moved “author” url slug to “user” – profile pages made only slightly better for now
new profile builder, prefs page now in admin-only beta mode
Revision Control plugin added, we can tap into that awesomeness from the front end later
pulled time from chat, tweaked username display to stand out better

1305108982 (5/11/2011)
Cancelled Brocast Show! {cue audio of audience booing} Actually we are just shelving things until we have the proper equipment (cameras, server, broadcasting software) to produce a quality broadcast show for our demanding audience. I hope everyone enjoyed the stream while we were publicly testing and learning.
Prepped header for notification (logged in users only), NEW POST, Dashboard. Shorter better faster.

1304335420 (5/6/2011)
Moved Anon Chat styles to theme directory

1304332059 (5/2/2011)
Brocast Show in navigation, video page setup

1304205956 (4/30/2011)
Begin proper revision logging, publicizing of revisions and all that stuff

no more info available on these older revisions