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  1. Speak truth to power (you), to rally allies into the liberty movement *
  2. Pledge aid for liberty and justice prevailing wherever it is threatened

Welcome to Hammer of Truth,

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting to young and old alike, we bring you fascinating tales from around the globe of political mischief and mayhem to marvel at! It’s a three-ring circus of innovative proportions, and we even allow you to participate, so let loose the lions upon the clowns and enjoy the show.

The term Hammer of Truth comes from a very long time ago and is what it says: a tool. What’s more important is who swings it to smack the fuck out of the bell of liberty (You know how we broke the first one? Passion! And shitty metallurgy, lrn2science) or to forge the sword of justice. Yes, it’s a fucking awesome name… we know. Also, we love excessive swearing and shit.

We are independent, classic liberal, conservative, tea party, republican, democrat, libertarian and just plain American. This means we openly advocate pro-liberty, pro-constitution persons or actions. Just as importantly, we seek to propel liberty’s momentum by fostering effective, mass actions initiated by those brave enough to lead the way. We strive to recognize excellence in the liberty movement regardless of origin. We fully endorse and practice ethical journalism and never shade the truth to satisfy a partisan argument.

Originally started a very long time ago, the site evolved towards a more politically-focused blog, but whatever. As more people began to influence the conversation Hammer of Truth was shaped as a dedicated site to free markets, liberty, and political reform. There were moments of severe awesome, and major fuckups along the way (lol human hubris). We restarted operations in 2010 with a renewed vigor to transform ye olde We the People‘s republic into something we can be proud of as a beacon of kickass prosperity. We are the mighty men and women outclassing our contemporaries — shining examples of freedom, justice and valor.

We have to actually walk the walk, not just talk. We have nothing if not trust of our fellow brothers and sisters that we are mature and responsible enough to do the right thing, no matter how difficult. And accept the consequences, repent and hold ourselves accountable when we follow the wrong path.

Transcend those long, dark shadows of history and join us as we are all reborn anew each day to further the causes of liberty and equality among our family of nations on this tiny speck.

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Publisher / Editor-in-chief

Stephen VanDyke
Seeking to master many trades, he’s been a programmer since 1997 — now a strategist, publisher, writer/blogger, artist, humorist and geek (ahem, technology enthusiast) since forever. In the past he’s built elaborate management systems for the adult entertainment industry, managed Libertarian presidential and gubernatorial online campaigns (contributed thousands of hours of assistance to many others), and helped pave the way for several flourishing digital uprisings. He’s a newsmonger and scandalmonger you can turn to for a truth bias without bullshit. No political party holds any sway with him, heroic people in those parties are a different matter. He knows when to call it right and wrong and of course isn’t afraid to admit when he’s being a stupid jerkface himself. Audentes fortuna juvat!


Stephen Gordon – Senior Editor
David Espinoza – Editor-at-large

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“This is the highest wisdom that I own; freedom and life are earned by those alone who conquer them each day anew.” – Goethe

“Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest.” – Mark Twain