The El Paso County Republican Party Fails El Paso County

There is one reason for the loss of registered Republican voters in El Paso County, Colorado. That reason is the El Paso County Republican Party (EPC GOP) itself. To a person watching from outside of the party trying to put their finger on what the reason for failure is, it would look like the party’s chaos at the chairman’s position is to blame. After all, the party has gone through three Chairman in the last year. But that observation is little more than a symptom of a greater problem in the party. The party is failing because it lacks a strategic plan that serves the Republican voters in El Paso County, Colorado.

No one in the party knows the party’s plan; not even the party’s leadership itself. Without a clear plan approved by a majority of the Republican voters that the EPC GOP supports, they cannot gain momentum heading into the election season. The EPC GOP actions are chaotic and uncoordinated, even between people in the chairman’s position and the communication position. In a telephone call to Wendy Miller, the Vice-Chairman of the EPC GOP, she stated the sole plan of the party is to gain precinct leaders. However, if you examine the EPC GOP website and the social media channels, you will see no mention of a need for precinct leaders. Clearly, the plan that Wendy talked about was not communicated to the social media appointee.

A Screenshot of the EPC GOP’s Latest Post in Twitter About National, not Local Politics

Vickie Tonkins, the Chairman of the EPC GOP, recently laid out a different plan than Wendy Miller. In Vickie’s plan, that she spoke about during a recent speech, the party would begin to share data with volunteers and the public. Again, however, when you look at the amount of data available publicly, you can see the information is slow in coming and late to need. Even precinct leaders are looking outside of the party for the demographic information they so desperately need to do their job in their assigned precincts.

The EPC GOP Central Committee has not coalesced on a single strategic plan. The lack of a plan has allowed for the formation of groups competing with each other for control. This internal competition has led to chaos at the chairman’s position. Tamra Farah resigned her chairmanship over the summer citing, “…opposition to my chairmanship within our central committee .” Her resignation is a symptom, not a cause of the problem in the EPC GOP.

Tamra Farah

With Farah’s resignation on 28 August 2019, the party became rudderless. Without a strategic plan in place, the party could not continue to operate. As the party floundered, news organizations around Colorado wrote story after story about chaos in the party. Even the election of Vickie Tonkins illustrated the problem when the party could not even properly hold an election for their own chair. It was chaotic, because the party did not have a strategic plan to keep it going with the loss of Farah. The party lost it vision when she left.

The party’s plan must be larger than the chairman of the day. Our elected chairman must execute the plan, not design it. In order for the party to flourish, the party must build a strategic plan that is released to the Republican voters in El Paso County, Colorado. That plan must also have the support of the EPC GOP Central Committee. Without such a plan, the party will continue to flounder and El Paso County will continue to lose registered Republican voters.

This story originally appeared on the EPCRG,com website.

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