Libertarian Party Membership Survey 2016

lp-torch-logoHammer of Truth is pleased to announce the results of a first ever scientific membership survey conducted between May 17th-20th of 1,563 Libertarian Party members — including delegates and alternate delegates to the upcoming National Convention in Orlando, Florida.

Our key findings:

  • 2012 presidential candidate and former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson holds a formidable 44-point lead over his nearest competitor. This is highly indicative of strong name recognition.
  • Current LNC Chair Nicholas Sarwark also appears to be the early favorite with a 40-point lead over his nearest competitor.
  • The logo redesign of 2015 is well-received, with 87% approving the new torch logo.
  • A majority approve of litigation seeking to stop public funding from going to institutions that don’t include Libertarian candidates in polls.
  • The top issues for Libertarians are the economy and taxes, with foreign policy coming in a strong third.
  • Ever wonder the best way to ask for money? The “donates” have it with an average “donation” amount of $335 beating out an average $258 “contribution” amount.




It should be noted that the most accurate poll is the one that occurs on election day. No poll can predict whether a floor speech will be well-received or fall flat. We want to thank everyone who participated and greatly appreciate everyone’s feedback.

PDFs: Read the full results · Read about methodology