The “Black on Black Crime” Myth Must be Stopped!

It’s like clockwork.

Every time some government approved thug kills another unarmed black man, some media figure, abetted by a horde of twitter morons, starts talking about “Black on Black Crime”.

The problem with this is that it is an utter fantasy. No matter how many times you explain this to people, it keeps cropping up.

This video is an attempt to shut that down.


Hello all. Like a lot of you, over the past week I’ve been following the situation in Baltimore. I truly believe that 2014 was a year like 1861 or 1955. These years marked important steps on our journey to a truly free and equal country. But they marked the start of struggles, not the end. We’re going to have a lot more Baltimores before we’re through. I don’t have too much more to say on this topic today, but there is one reaction to the protests that I have to address. I’d like to point out the five Dumbest things about the Black on Black Crime Myth.

It’s not a thing

93% of black people are killed by black people. And 83% of White people are killed by White people. Yes more black people are dying. Do you know why? It’s because this violence happens in communities that have occupying armies rather than police forces.

2. Police leadership doesn’t give a shit about Black on Black crime

Folks like Rudy Giuliani talk about cops as if they’re all working murders like CSI or something. That’s not what his precious NYPD does. In 2013 just 9% of their arrests were for violent crimes. Resources that should be used to stop violent crime, regardless of race, are spent on bullshit harassment like stop and frisk. Those cops who do care and want to do their jobs can’t work, because they don’t have the trust of the community, because an unarmed black man is killed by a cop in United States almost every month.

3. Comparing Cops who kill to Civilians who kill is Insane.

Black people killing black people are criminals who go to jail. Or would go to jail if police weren’t so busy roughing up black kids while searching for marijuana. Cops who kill unarmed black men are sworn officers of the law, paid by tax dollars, who only suffer consequences if somebody happens to record the entire interaction on their cellphone camera. Failing to see why people may be more interested in protesting cops who kill than civilians who kill is morally bankrupt.

4. The real comparison doesn’t even work

Just for the sake of argument, What would happen to a cop, white or black, who came into a suburban town and shot an unarmed white guy who lived there. First he would be fired, then he would be arrested, then he would be jailed, and then he would be sued for every dollar he owns. I also somehow doubt he’d have an indiegogo campaign to fund his defense. And the worst thing about the black on black crime myth

5. People are still bringing it up.

It’s a sign of complete desperation. People are willing to hold on to anything, even this myth, to avoid looking at our real problems. It’s bullshit, but it’s also really really sad.

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Robert Morris

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