Why are men with badges enforcing smart meter installations?

This is an open letter to Pueblo County, Colorado Undersheriff Justin Hall, Sheriff Kirk Taylor, the San Isabel Electric Association (SIEA) and anyone else involved in the forced installation of smart meters.

Undersheriff Hall –

Please pass this along to Sheriff Kirk Taylor. You and he may be unaware SIEA is using your deputies, therefore taxpayer resources as their personal police force.

Thank you.

To whom it may concern at San Isabel Electric Association –

Here is a letter to the Pueblo Chieftain about your jack booted thuggery and intimidation on installing smart meters (digital eyes) with comments that follow. You are all out of line treating me and other customers as criminals and using threats and intimidation against us.

Letter to the Pueblo Chieftain:

Meter replacement by San Isabel Co-op

San Isabel Electric Association has been on a crusade to install digital smart meters that’s stretching the boundaries of ingress access for a utility.

I was surprised to find my gate open on private property with a new meter installed without prior notification and with no regard for signs that were posted stating; “smart meter not wanted.”

Approximately 22,000 meters have been installed in Pueblo West, Beulah, Rye/Colorado City, Custer County, Aguilar, Fremont County, Walsenburg, LaVeta, Cuchara and Trinidad. This is being done with little or no discussion with their members in regard to the effects on health, safety, privacy or data security issues. People who are vulnerable or suffer from electromagnetic sensitivity are not being considered or allowed to opt out. Members are being told if they don’t want the meter they will be disconnected from service. Does this sound like a co-op? Health studies done by outside health organizations have so far been discounted by SIEA for their long-term effects on human beings.

SIEA will tell you that their industry groups concluded in tests that electromagnetic fields or radio frequencies emissions are well within safety guidelines. But are they? They will tell you that members will somehow save energy and money. Many have seen their bills skyrocket. SIEA will tell you that these meters are no worse than a cellphone or computer router. But are they?

Educate yourself for your own family. Ask yourself and SIEA why they are so adamant in forcing these utility revenue collection transmitters? Is this a marketing gimmick created by corporations to sell junk meters made in foreign countries that suck up taxpayer/ratepayer dollars?

SIEA is not governed by the Public Utilities Commission, they are governed by seven board representatives, and that includes someone in your district. SIEA’s phone number is 800-279-7432.

Ken Gennetta
Colorado City

How would you like it if you were pushed around and were minding your own business?

It is not just me who is furious with the way your employees treated me and called the cops and pushed me around on my own property. Here are comments by others who are angry with you.


The SWAT Team will force their way in and hold you at gun-point if you don’t comply. True stuff. Happened to a good friend.


Even questioning an SIEA employee about the smart meter (digital eyes) when they come to install it will get you a hoard of deputies at your house or business.

SIEA has apparently assigned thug employees who must border on psychopathic disorder to push customers around and force the installation of meters like a bunch of jack booted brown shirts.

Shame on the sheriffs in the counties where SIEA operates for allowing their deputies to be used by SIEA as strong arms to violate basic citizens rights.

There is ample anecdotal evidence this is occurring with high frequency. Why have so many folded without challenging SIEA? Why won’t SIEA give an opt-out option instead of bullying and telling citizens they will be arrested for obstruction and disorderly conduct among other charges AND their electricity will be permanently disconnected without any chance of ever being reconnected?


It is not radio frequency waves that should worry us. The argument has no validity and SIEA is attacking that argument while ignoring the real danger. It is the loss of privacy and personal control over energy usage.

Smart meters can read right down to the milliwatt and build a “smart” data base on each customer. It will determine exactly what is being used at any time. The next step, already happening in Boulder, is to use the smart meter technology to control smart appliances and smart thermostats.

The final goal is rationing of electricity through what is known as multiple tiered rate charges and remote control of loads by load shedding and duty cycling.

It is coming. Instead of meeting demand with ample supply of any goods or services, particularly energy, the new leftist/progressive/socialist/marxist model is to ration and control our access to those goods and services. Rationing is control whether it be energy, healthcare, food and water. That is the model of power and control as it has been throughout history.

SIEA has become an agent of the government. It is all about power and control. You are the enemy, not a friend of individual freedom and privacy rights. I am a vietnam army combat infantry veteran. I am an old man now, 68 years old. No one has ever treated me the way I was treated the day your thugs came to my house to install the meter. All you have done is harden me to fight against you and preserve my dignity and the freedom of my family.

I have sent a copy of this to the Pueblo County Sheriff. He may not know what you are doing using their department as your personal security force and thugs. He will now.

Julian VanDyke, Jr.

"Tracker" is a Vietnam War veteran with a lot of anger to share. We asked him his rank once and he told us to stuff ourselves. He's on your team, and that's probably all you need to know scruff.

  1. The meter does not belong to the rate payer. It belongs to the utility. Does the utility not have the choice of what equipment to deploy? An electronic meter, that can implement time of day rates,and can turn on and off appliances such as water heaters allows the utility to avoid costs, and to charge lower rates. Everything is not about destroying your privacy.

    1. This is an interesting argument, one that is analogous to another utility: the telephone. The phone company (AT&T) used to run the line into people’s homes, and then cable a single telephone, which could not be unplugged and moved about. Eventually At&T stopped forcing customers to rent equipment when the free market began bitchslapping them with competition. They were bitchslapped yet again in 1984 when they were broken up as a monopoly.

      In the same way, the power that comes into your home could be metered by the utility company some distance from one’s home, less obvious in its intrusiveness. I’m certain that the marketplace will once again bitchslap this issue in the right direction.

      1. The customer must pay for all power dissipation on his side of the meter, including the resistive losses in the cable between the meter, and the distribution panel. In addition, all hardware on the ratepayer’s side of the meter must be purchased, installed, and maintained at his expense. It is in his best interest the meter be on the wall of, or inside his home, because then his costs are lower. It enhances the privacy of the ratepayer, if the meter reports usage, rather than having to be read by utility personnel.
        I personally installed the service at my home, saving a fair amount of money, and the hassle of dealing with an electrician. If you want your meter on the side of the power pole beside the street, I am sure the utility will be happy to let you pay for it, or do it yourself, if the jurisdiction you live in allows it.
        As far as buying your own meter, I would say that is a good solution, but I believe the analogy between the POTS phone set, and the power meter is flawed. Based on how it worked in my town, the phone company did not force you to use their POTS handset, it was just that no one sold an alternative. The phone utility took advantage of the situation by renting the customer an overdesigned handset at an absurd price.
        The difference is that the performance of the consumer purchased handset generally affected only the consumer, whereas the performance of the meter is critical to the income stream of the utility. If a handset fails by short circuit, your phone does not work, if a meter fails by short circuit there may be a fire, and the utilities equipment, particularly the local transformer may be destroyed, and other customer’s service may be interrupted. All POTS handsets adhere to the same standards. While the voltage of single phase domestic services are generally the same(220 to 240 volt 3 wire system) across the US, and the frequency is the same(60hz), the method of communication between the meter, and the utilities back office may differ between meter manufactures, and models. If the meter stopped communicating with the back office, what would happen? Should the utility terminate power until you remedy the situation? Now, the situation is transparent to the rate payer. No matter the reason for loss of communication, the responsible fault is in the utilities equipment.