Who is the Worst President Ever?

People like to argue over who the worst president ever was. Some say Bush, Some say Obama. This neglects some basic facts about where we are today, and how we got here. To find the roots you have to go 100 years back… to Woodrow Wilson…


So who is the worst president we’ve ever had? Is it Bush? Is it Obama? Well sorry as I am to disappoint you it’s neither. Obama’s tendency to murder Americans without judicial process, and Bush’s disastrous choice to invade Iraq with a gang of ignorant morons are of course horrifying. But these terrible choices wouldn’t have been possible without the framework of the Imperial Presidency, which was built almost exactly a century ago.

The worst president ever would have to be Woodrow Wilson.

WW- “Well that hardly seems fair”

Oh yeah? Pay attention…

Wilson was a University President who was utterly convinced that if you applied the smartest people to the world’s problems you could solve those problems. As the epitome of the good progressive president, he was there to help everybody, world-wide.

WW- “Just as long as they’re white men!”

He was also a Huge racist.

Wilson’s eight years as president {from 1913-1921} led to a complete re-shaping of US foreign and Domestic policy. Depending on your politics, you may enjoy some of his domestic legacies, which included the Federal Reserve, a strengthening of anti-monopoly laws, and the Income Tax. Despite promising to use the new tax revenue for reform, it was quickly being used for a massive foreign War.

In 1914 European society decided to kill itself. For four years millions of men were ground up in a pointless apocalyptic mess. If you think there is a good guy somewhere in here you are fooling yourself. Or perhaps you are being fooled by US or British propaganda, a disturbing amount of which has made its way into the history books.

WW- “We were making the world safe for Democracy!”

Sure. By teaming up with the world’s three biggest empires…

Despite being reelected in 1916 on his record of keeping us out, Wilson declared war in April of 1917. At this point, the European combatants were beginning to fall apart. After the fall of the Russia, Germany was probably going to win, but all combatants were so exhausted that the results were unlikely to be too one-sided, but it would definitely have been bad for Europe’s international Empires. Instead Woodrow Wilson decided to go in and pick a winner.

Wilson’s choice puts 1917 up there with 1776 and 1860 as momentous dates in US history. Other presidents talked about Empire, but Wilson was the guy who committed us to long-term involvement with the outside world. Everything since has stemmed from Wilson’s decision. People have tried, but Nobody’s really been able to take back Wilson’s commitment. Wilson Broke it, and we continue to buy it.

Wilson said a lot of inspiring things…

Wilson- “Tell me what is right, and I will fight for it!”

…But what did that actually lead to? What did we win by giving the French and British Empires an undeserved victory in World War I?

Wilson’s war was supposed to help bring about the end of Empire. Instead he was tricked into letting his allies carve up the Middle East. We continue see the effects of that brilliant choice in our daily headlines.
Wilson’s War was supposed to be the “war to end all wars”. His actions guaranteed that it would not be that. By robbing Germany of the victory in World War I that it had earned, Wilson created the resentful, pathological culture that brought Hitler to power. And by giving legitimacy to nationalism, Wilson gave Hitler a platform.

Wilson’s guiding light was national self-determination. To this end he divided Eastern Europe into countries based on single or multiple nationalities. The borders weren’t complex enough though. The new states all included large unrepresented minorities. One of the central goals of Wilson’s “League of Nations” was to protect these minorities and settle any disputes. It was an early example of the “Responsibility to Protect” So how’d that go? The protection of the German minorities was the excuse that Hitler used to start World War II. That war led to the displacement or extermination of all of Eastern Europe’s minorities, German, Jewish and otherwise.

There have been a lot of terrible presidents, but Woodrow Wilson comes in first. As terrible legacies go, it’s kind of hard to beat Adolf Hitler and the Income Tax.

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