Where do they get those wonderful toys?

And you may ask yourself, “Where did ISIS get nuclear uranium in Iraq?”

Well according to reports, “The material, believed to be low-grade, unenriched uranium mixed with other elements was taken from a science lab at Mosul University by ISIS, the terrorist group that took over Iraq’s second-largest city last month and has vowed to attack Baghdad.”

But it’s important we all get our history right on this, as chemical weapons thought to have, and semi-known to have gone to Syria… appear to have been used or readapted in recent events. And these events in the past have been down played or denied flat out.

What is happening in Iraq and what we’ll do, or not is in the works; but we must know these things:

    1. Saddam Hussein did have, use, and appeared to have moved chemical weapons
      The U.S. found 500 tons of refined uranium of which 1.8 tons was low enriched
      The response was not the same then as it is today
  • You have a serious mental illness if you do not understand the war was justified under violations of the ceasefire Saddam’s government agreed to. If you think this is a black flag (a symbol for anarchy by the way) operation that snuck nuke material in… We’ll see, but I don’t think so.

    In May 2004 a report By James Glanz New York Times News Service wrote, “The United States has informed an international agency that oversees nuclear materials that it intends to move hundreds of tons of uranium from a sealed repository south of Baghdad to a more secure location outside Iraq, Western diplomats close to the agency say.”

    “Of the uranium, 500 tons is naturally occurring ore or yellowcake, a slightly processed concentrate that cannot be directly used in a bomb. Some 1.8 tons is classified as low-enriched uranium, a more potent form but still not sufficient for a weapon.”

    In my understanding that latter is untrue. The report is thinking of a weapon of significance.

    500 tons of refined uranium was found accessed in Iraq. 1.8 of it was… low enriched uranium. This plus a war head to any of the missiles being built illegally at the time, and before the US started its assault campaign equals… what?

    Come On!

    SAY IT WITH ME!!!!

    DIRTY BOMB!!! Good job!

    Am I wrong? The media isn’t saying what I am. What they downplayed as an incident that involved enriched uranium while Bush was in office, they now report “uranium components” as:

    “Although the material is not believed to be weaponized… the theft stoked fear that a dirty bomb – a primitive explosive used to disseminate radioactive material – could be fashioned from the uranium compounds.”

    This is 88 POUNDS of unenriched “uranium compounds” in the hands of ISIS, but when Saddam DID have 1.8 TONS of the same reactor grade uranium in reach, and the capabilities to advance his uranium to this feared capacity the war was a lie.

    Either the uranium danger was a lie then, or it is a lie now and we are being fear mongered.

    Meaning what about the Iraq “invasion” if this fear mongering of a dirty bomb is true? Justified!

    Now American Thinker contributor Rick Moran asked a very good question when the yellowcake sealed by the UN was found, and it’s worth a read to wonder why was it left there, and why did they resist having to move it, but does it play right into the ISIS incident?

    It doesn’t appear so, but the lesson of underestimating a threats hold on this material is clear.

    This is dangerous.


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