Washington, DC: Our Imperial Capital

Lately we’ve heard a lot about the DC Renaissance. After decades of decline it is now becoming a playground for the rich and over-educated. In the midst of the celebration, it is worth remembering that all of this wealth is built on exploitation and war. This video is our attempt to make this clear…


Are you looking for a new city?

Is your hometown getting boring and stagnant?

Then come to Washington, DC!

Young people have been flocking to the District for over a decade, and it’s getting hipper by the minute!

It’s not just Georgetown anymore! The whole city is becoming a playground for the young and over educated,

And Jobs! Don’t worry about that! The Washington, DC Metropolitan area has diverse and growing industries like technology, consulting, medical care and logistics!

The Washington, DC renaissance is here to stay! Come on down, It’s not like the wars are ever going to end!

It may be time to think a little bit harder about Washington, DC, and its growing power and influence. For much of US history, the capitol city was a backwater. One of our greatest strengths as a country has always been the presence of many different centers of power, population and economic weight. There have been bigger cities, but there has never been one central city that served as the political, economic and administrative center. We have never had an imperial city. That is now changing…

War and economic problems are always good for a central government. Due to these forces Washington, DC has had a great 13 years. If you look at the population figures this growth is easy to miss. There are only around 650,000 people in Washington, DC itself, making it only the 23rd biggest city in the country. But if you look at the Metropolitan Area, rather than the just the district itself, the picture changes. It is the seventh largest Metropolitan area in the country, and if you include the Baltimore Area, which you should, it is the fourth largest area, and growing quickly.

What’s more, over the past decade the people living in these outlying counties have become some of the richest in the United states. A recent study showed that 3 of the 5 richest neighborhoods in the country are now in the Washington, DC suburbs. All of that personal wealth is coming from taxes paid by American citizens. In 2014 it was reported that the state of Maryland has the highest concentration of millionaire households in the country.

New York, California and Texas won’t lose their prominence any time soon, but as DC gets larger, it will begin to require more and more resources. That is how imperial cities work. The people who work in the government are invested in the future of their city, and they write the rules for everybody else. The government, and its contractors and consultants, built the last 10 years of prosperity by coming up with useless remedies in a mostly fake war on terror. When that finally runs its course, they will come up with something else.

Washington, DC is now a gold rush town. The gold of government bloat will not run out as quickly as other forms have, but its exploitation has the potential to do us much greater injury. A more centralized government is a stronger government, but it makes for a weaker country, and for long-term decline.

Keep that in mind the next time you find yourself reading about Washingon, DC and its hip new neighborhoods.
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Robert Morris

Robert Morris Tweets @TheFederalGovt, posts video as the More Freedom Foundation, and has written a quick pamphlet on the drug war that can be found here.

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