The Incompetence of Obama’s Security

Here’s some common sense on opinions floating around on the gate jumper at the White House and the armed “felon” Obama was in the elevator with.

On the S.S.’s (Secret Services) old chief and replacement. Obama gets what he deserves for treating service men like crap. Some of those guards are former military, so guess what happens when you send their friends to combat… a disease… which has nothing to do with the military activity of the US? They let people who want to hurt you, get to you.

Shocker, I know!

The comparisons to border jumpers is great, but the media and Political Parties fake concern that this guy got that far into a building he has every authority as a citizen to go into, or at least this faint that its due to poor leadership at the S.S. and not intentional blind-eye to ab ass hat is really only due to self-preservation for their candidate when they hold office.

However, if it’s due to poor leadership Barry chose Julia Pierson the now Former Director of the Secret Service. So her failure to control the staff is his failure and just more proof that Socialists only work well in their common hate for liberty, not necessarily in doing anything useful. But don’t call them inept. Their poor political decision making is very intentional, in my view.

Some conservative commentators yesterday tried to trumpet her replacement. The head of Comcast security… Anyone else notice this business hating piece of crap in the White House hires a lot of private sector people to advise him in general, hmmm? Anyways, Joe Clancy (the replacement drone)is a form S.S. agent and a former division head at that.

So what?

For some reason some think this means he’ll protect Obama better, but would real patriots care?

And why so concern for the safety of a clear traitor? You think they’d be delighted someone can could get Obama and Biden if they wanted to? Hell, if those S.S. agents were doing their job it wouldn’t matter if they protected him or not, cause his ass would be in a cell. Oh, but then so would Bush’s. I see why conservatives are so concerned.

But w would they care if a released from prison felon isn’t accosted and frisked and disarmed by the S.S.? I mean, besides their ignorant belief in the violation of our society that you can continue to enslave and punish a citizen after their release from imprisonment. Oh right, their guy could face the same threats!

And that’s the final part of this piece for us to really get down to the inconsistency in the opinions on this whole thing.

It’s imperative that if you are a government official you accept your life is in danger, and rightly so for you maybe too arrogant to admit you’re a tyrant. So, the use of a police force to protect officials to the point of disarming a citizen(s) when they are near the official(s) and using fear tactics as though these officials should be untouchable shows the disingenuous nature of the so-called liberty minded, so-called conservative Republican Partiers,and “Liberals” of the Democratic left. Which just strengthens the need for another option in the elections the standard two parties control. One party to corrupt to keep the loyalty of the defense forces, and the other to busy trying to uses the defense forces to guilt allegiance.


Chad Ginsburg is a champion of self-governance, the rights of the Individual, and a return to minimal government. A Jeffersonian Republican, Ginsburg integrates his knowledge of liberty and understanding of the foundation, reasoning, and documents of the American Republic as a voice of rebellion against centralized authority.He has been published on American Thinker and other news sources, and was a political talk show host on AM740 KVOR.Building on his background in broadcast radio and experience as a Quality Control Analyst, he aims to guide the lost and disenfranchised to the truths of our nation’s founding and to help all revolt against the trappings of collectivism and tyranny.Ginsburg hosts his weekly political radio blog, Ginsburg, at Blog Talk Radio and grinds axes in the Twittersphere on a daily basis.

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