Take a short survey, get a free Hammer of Truth sticker

Eagle-eyed Hammer of Truth readers may have noticed our facebook sticker giveaway linked up for a week in January. We ended up giving out three of our new stickers right as they came off the press.

Apparently the software/app we used at facebook was a total failure and only two people were able to even submit an entry. One person appears to join every giveaway the app announces, and never got back to us when we asked for shipping info. Oh darn. Lame, we know.

HoT has upped the stupendous sticker selection to five colors:

white, pink, yellow, silver and gold

Today we’re launching new sticker distribution abilities, and simultaneously unveiling Hammer of Truth Asks, our own political polling platform based on LimeSurvey.

Hammer of Truth Asks will be occasionally polling opinions like the big boys (except with more than two party ID choices). Because really, we’ve looked at all this polling stuff and determined it’s not all that hard. Well, it is actually rather difficult and it took entirely too long to customize and install and making one short survey took all day and statistics should be scientific and precise… well all you want to know is “Does it works?”

It does:

If you’re in the U.S., Canada or Mexico… get your free sticker now!

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