Reflections on the Growth and Virtues of the National IAP

by Cody Quirk

As of a few weeks ago, the Utah affiliate of the National Independent American Party has finally got on the ballot — joining the other state affiliates in New Mexico, Arizona, and Oregon, on their respective state ballots, and are now looking forward to fielding sincere and principled candidates for the 2014 elections this year.

Even as the National IAP keeps expanding and continues to bring in more patriots and concerned citizens that are not only tired of the political corruption and decay brought on by the vile Two-Party system, but also yearn for a party that will put principle above politics, will seek to restore limited constitutional government, will fight to preserve traditional moral values in a eroding society, and especially will put the interests of the average American above those of the Ivory-Tower elite, whom have brought our country towards the verge of ruin by such leadership and policies implemented upon the federal, state, and local levels- therefore diminishing and bringing our U.S. Constitution to presently cling to those last breaking strands of freedom.

Granted, while this party did come from small and almost insignificant beginnings; it was yet through the dedication of those passionate, determined members of this sincere and humble organization that the IAP has been able to take each vital stepping-stone onto those state ballots and into the significance of the American political field. This rise and growth was not easy however, yet through the persistence and overcoming a few minor and occasional setbacks, did we raise our banner high and gradually did others flock, and are still flocking to our cause, as we speak.

In fact, not only did we work hard to make it to the next step on our own, but soon the support and friendship of other like-mind state parties did join and affiliate with us, of which we are grateful for, and also assist and work together for the common cause of saving that precious document of ours which once provided the checks and balances that kept a federal government in restraint while also once maintained the wonderful liberties that the States and the American people enjoyed, but now through decades of adding on bureaucracy, red-tape, and intrusive legislation, are now out-of-joint.

Indeed, the National IAP still has quite a long road ahead, with many more steps of that journey soon to be taken, but through the grace of our Heavenly Father and His Gospel, along with the dedicated teamwork and relentless outreach of the leaders & active members of this growing organization, yet also with the inclusive cooperation of other like-mind parties yet to come into our fold; the question of the future of this once insignificant and small party has been answered, and it’s expected outcome is a bright and positive one.

To be fair, unlike some of the exclusive-minded and arrogant parties out there that claim to be the ‘only party to put principle above politics’, the IAP isn’t at all alone in holding such moral/constitutional-oriented beliefs, yet what sets us apart from most other parties is our pledge and adherence to not just advocate for such beliefs and principles, but to also hold ourselves above from the deceit, back-stabbing, manipulation, and internal fighting that sadly has occurred in such alternative parties like ours in past and recent history.

Nevertheless, we want to see all parties and individual patriots not just working together within our ranks, but seek to put the importance of the restoration of constitutional government and the values of virtue above our own party as well; we are not only eager to work with others outside of our camp, but will endorse and support other principled candidates in other parties (or of none at all), and stand by to assist and work with those like-minded parties and individuals that think and act like we do, regardless of if they express interest to join our cause or not. Our nation, our culture, our values, our vanishing freedoms very much come first before the National Independent American Party.

However, we still would like to reach out and include all true Independent Americans and sincere citizen patriots into our ranks in friendship, fairness, and harmony- for if God is with us, then who can be against us?
Our growth and outreach has been phenomenal, and we continue to expand and build upon our recent successes, of which there is no question of where we will be within a year, two years, even five years from now.

The only direction the National Independent American Party is going is forwards and upwards, and we Independent Americans will continue to carry it into more eminent and prosperous heights.

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  1. Are they publishing growth numbers? Otherwise there isn’t even smoke here (yet) politically.