Pirates of the Caucussembly

We’ve been kicking this masterpiece around HoT HQ for the past week and needed to share it in advance.

Next nail under the hammer: A not very exhaustive piece about attending the Colorado Republican State Assembly (and the caucuses, division meetings, El Paso County Assembly, yadda yadda yadda … This has been costly in both time and financially to your faithful publisher). I may have to take a photo of the Statesman’s Game of Votes cover, as there is one note of humor that they had sadly overlooked.

Art by Chad Ginsburg
Coloring by Stephen VanDyke


Chad Ginsburg is a champion of self-governance, the rights of the Individual, and a return to minimal government. A Jeffersonian Republican, Ginsburg integrates his knowledge of liberty and understanding of the foundation, reasoning, and documents of the American Republic as a voice of rebellion against centralized authority.He has been published on American Thinker and other news sources, and was a political talk show host on AM740 KVOR.Building on his background in broadcast radio and experience as a Quality Control Analyst, he aims to guide the lost and disenfranchised to the truths of our nation’s founding and to help all revolt against the trappings of collectivism and tyranny.Ginsburg hosts his weekly political radio blog, Ginsburg, at Blog Talk Radio and grinds axes in the Twittersphere on a daily basis.

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