Once more, on the lack of female libertarians

Spring is here, so it’s time again to try and find out why libertarian parties are predominantly produced of phalluses instead of pretty purses.

We’ve covered this subject with much enthusiasm, spasms, orgasms and sarcasm over the years and yet can only confidently say that this gets rehashed. Every. Fucking. Year.

This year is comedian Christopher Cantwell’s turn. He was smart to quickly wuss out of answering and instead asked Andrea Pisani, Toni Bones, and Tiffany Aliano — a bunch of libertarian women that apparently do exist — to do it for him.

And really, would anyone trust a man to say why women do anything?

In response, activist and organizer Gigi Bowman wrote of her experiences on facebook:

What I’ve noticed:

Whenever a new girl shows up at a meeting, the guys are either afraid to ask her out or they surround and gawk at her, tongue out, drooling. Literally. There is no happy medium. AND they don’t seem to consider age appropriateness –a twenty year old will come to a meeting and a fifty or sixty year old guy will actually “consider” that they may be able to “get her” and surround her. There are many hard up perves who have no idea they are being inappropriate.

Besides the perve and hard-up factor there are not as many women in the liberty movement because most people can’t find it :). Is there some sign pointing to “libertarians” that I don’t know about? We hardly have ANYONE in the libertarian party in NY State! I ran a Ron Paul meetup over 5 years and the number never really grew over 250 and the same 10% were the only ones that ever showed up.

So guys when a new girl comes along try not to scare her away so quickly — maybe she’ll bring her friends with her next time.

And shall we talk now about things like knowing how to dress and shower?

Oh and also according to my daughters, libertarian guys can’t stop talking about libertarian stuff — whatever that means take it for what it’s worth. I think what it means is they should not inundate new girls with everything from Austrian Economics to the meaning of the NAP in the first five minutes of meeting them.

Remember what it’s like to be in a room full of libertarians to begin with. Now throw in a new girl just trying to learn. You got the picture.

Stop being perves and geeks guys!

I have attended possibly hundreds of political functions in my life. Men have typically outnumbered women at all of them. I’ve met many fantastic women who usually enjoy being the center of such attention, prized solely for their rarity.

And I have indeed met many of the pervs and geeks, happily falling into the latter category myself (I do shower and dress well though).

For all the disappointed libertarian men out there: How about not trying to make a political meetup your dating pool to begin with?

Stephen VanDyke

I've published HoT along with about 300+ friends since 2002. We're all Americans who are snarky and love our country. I'm a libertarian that registered Republican because I like to win elections. That's pretty much it.

  1. This is an excellent point. There are soooooooo many pretty girls out there that aren’t interested in politics or otherwise don’t identify themselves by political anything. Chances are if they hang out with an alpha libertarian things will work themselves out.


  2. libertarian parties are predominantly produced of phalluses instead of pretty purses


  3. Haha! The spring time observation didn’t even come into my mind, but looking back you’ve got a point. I like your take on this.

    1. I think Gigi made some excellent observations as well.

      But instead of telling libertarians to not be geeks and perves (sic), wouldn’t it be smarter to truthfully advertise that we totally have it going on in those departments.