Movie Review: How To Train Your Dragon 2

Well this is awkward

The other night I went to the drive-in movie with my lady and daughter to watch the new Dreamworks ‘How To Train You Dragon 2’. Let me first say, I think it was a really entertaining movie and my daughter loved the hell out of it. Go see it.

With that said, something about the message really jumped out at me.

We know Hollywood wants to push its agenda, but it still “tries” to make its lessons vague and hidden.

The problem with this method is that it tends to send a message they’re not trying to send: the exact opposite.

Granted, maybe what I picked up is the message they were trying to send, but because it is slightly muddled I find it just to be an outcome of an attempt to appease all sides in the pro and anti-gun movements.

What does a dragon movie have to do with guns?

Well I don’t want to give spoilers, so I’ll do my best to stick to the points. Beside commentary on mind control by authority, loss of freewill, and even youthful dissidence, the message the movie sends overall is that when a monarch (authority) becomes selfish and turns on its subjects, they and their “dragons” can fight back, and then they can just go back to being in a monarch that thinks of its people first.

To start, there is a lot of protect your own messaging that goes on throughout the movie, which plays to both gun-nuts, and anti-gun-nuts. And honestly, good.

At a time when our borders are being invaded and we’re being disarmed. You get that’s what that is, right? There’s a reason for that, not just happenstance. – And when so-called libertarians and anarchists are siding with psychopathic statists like Nancy Pelosi on having open borders it’ll be important for true liberty lovers who understand the world has not civilized to the point of free interaction with a (any) liberty society, in order to secure themselves and freedom society.

If not done fascist collectivists, and their drones will simply invade the liberty society, claim authority, and strip of you of your liberty when they are allowed to be unrestrained, unquestioned, not confronted, and given free roaming access to liberty society by freemen

Is this message in HTTYD2?

In a word: yes.

But Gins, you said this was a muddled message! Yet you feel confident much of this is seemingly pro-gun, pro-nationalism stance?

First off, the protectionism being talked of by me is not nationalism, its cultural self-protection. It has to do with way of life not the authority in charge, or a bordered area. The movie is talking more nationalism though.

Nextly, when your central theme is DRAGONS you can’t go demonizing the new friends and weapons of the factious VIKING society you’ve created. They wrote themselves into a wall. It’s damn funny actually, because honestly I just don’t think Spielberg and his ilk support gun ownership or that type of message, public opinion be damned.

Which leads to my main bitch.

Folks, this is a Viking society, the amount of dependency this movie attached to Hiccup’s (the main character) father and what the chief does for them is ridiculous. Vikings were some of the most self-sufficient humans to ever walk the Earth.

During the climax there is a huge battle. It’s a movie, that’s bound to happen. The war makes its way to Berk, the main town for the story. An army rolls into Berk after the people are disarmed of their weapons, and they just submit.

I doubt that would be the case with real world Vikings.

From there the film ends in a boisterous cheer of a new era of monarchy/authority, for Dragons and people, but not one of real equals. To be fair, a lesson of leadership is to be found in this, but the lesson of submission to leadership is there too.

That’s a problem, because HTTYD2 was perfectly primed to teach us of an individualist society and their right to have high powered weaponry, even — and this is in the movie — how they adapt and secure themselves from those weapons internally without violating each others’ freedom.

Yet, the good news is it looks like this fact of Viking society individualism is so great that simply by portraying their day-to-day lives (inaccurately), look, and attitude, the truth of liberty society bleeds right to the top.

Let’s be honest, if you show up in a Viking town with as many “dragons” as you’d like, those people would have laughed at you, and gone hand-to-hand with those “dragons”. ALL OF THEM!

Dreamworks and the government can’t have this little reality out there openly.

You show that and you encourage the real message of this movie: Carry a big gun, treat it right, and don’t let it be taken, because there are madmen wanting war.

So don’t fear them, fight them.

Or you will lose far more than just your “dragon”.


Chad Ginsburg is a champion of self-governance, the rights of the Individual, and a return to minimal government. A Jeffersonian Republican, Ginsburg integrates his knowledge of liberty and understanding of the foundation, reasoning, and documents of the American Republic as a voice of rebellion against centralized authority.He has been published on American Thinker and other news sources, and was a political talk show host on AM740 KVOR.Building on his background in broadcast radio and experience as a Quality Control Analyst, he aims to guide the lost and disenfranchised to the truths of our nation’s founding and to help all revolt against the trappings of collectivism and tyranny.Ginsburg hosts his weekly political radio blog, Ginsburg, at Blog Talk Radio and grinds axes in the Twittersphere on a daily basis.

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