MEDIA: VanDyke hangs out with Beer and Bullshit Show

I did it once and can now officially scrub it from my bucket list: being on an internet streaming show with more than three episodes.
I was the featured guest of a “decentralized” anarchist and troublemaker conversation AKA episode #38 of Chris Bennett’s Beer and Bullshit Show. An episode that eventually went completely off the rails — “that’s bullshit,” they exclaimed — I presume because no one involved has a legit Wikipedia entry and probably never will (wait, what?).
But before it went completely sideways with salty jokes, crosstalk and the part where the sunglasses happened, I joked around with James Babb (We Won’t Fly) and Kirsten Tynan (Fully Informed Jury Association or FIJA) on Google Hangouts (whose video editor is fired) to talk about beer and a wide range of libertarian/anarchist topics. Pretty much the ADHD libertarian Internet show you expect: slightly less dead air than secret service radios during a White House fence jumping.
And man, ain’t the free market a bitch? Apparently the DC libertarian analog to Beer and Bullshit is this show called Bourbon and Bitches — their recent guest was bow-tie wearing Jeffrey Tucker (who for the past 4 years looks like he’s frequently forgotten to shave, but won’t commit to a beard).
The B&B crowd loves/hates the B&B crowd. I was just a guest.
B&B, I hope you bitches find some common sense and get your shit together.
My mic was apparently not so good, so skip to around 45 minutes in to get to the part where I start yelling loudly (because alcohol, lol). 1 hour 47 minutes in, I put on my sunglasses and get even louder, because that’s how I do. If you only watch one part: How to end a show: “As long as it ended weird!”
Yes kids, this is an extremely rare interview.
And yes youngins, I have a rad beard.