Hells Yeah Cuba! Cuba Policy and the New American Century

Obama’s choice to reopen diplomatic relations with Cuba may be the best thing he has ever done. It rights a very old wrong, and it gives us some great new opportunities. Watch this vid to find out more…


Howdy All! Generally I like to put a little more thought and effort into my videos but… Right now, today, I’m in such a good mood
that I just had to do a video right now. I’m not sure if you are aware of this but today President Obama made an announcement
about US-cuba policy. This is incredible good news, like amazing good news and incredibly unexpected. I’m not
generally a big fan of Obama but today I would like to say: Hells Yeah! and and hats off… Hats off to Obama, because…

Earlier this week I did a video talking about the United
States government and one of the things I sort of tried to imply is the inertia, the … the way that things never move
forward or never change because there are too many people in Washington DC who are invested in things going a
certain way. Our relations with Cuba are a relic of the Cold War. The Cold War ended twenty-five years
ago but very few people in Washington DC are willing to act in accordance with that.
Washington DC is very interested in continuing to fight the cold war and our relationship with cuba was one
excellent example of that. For over 50 years we’ve kept cuba isolated. You know what it’s been 50 years, the
policy we were using wasn’t working and … now it’s finally going to change. I didn’t think this was gonna happen. I
was actually planning to do video on the topic of how stupid our cuba policy was. Now I don’t have to!

Obama’s decision on this issue gives me hope for the future. Have you ever heard of a concept called the New American Century? The American century
was supposedly the 20th century and by American we mean the United States century. It was popularized by Henry Luce of Time Magazine. The idea was that the 20th
century, or at least the second half of the 20th century, was an era of unparalleled US dominance, and through that dominance we were able
to allow our more positive values, sometimes our more negative ones, to impact and influence the entire
world. We were on top, we were number one. Some people have put forward a concept of a New American Century. These are mostly neoconservative types and think tanks in Washington DC looking for ways to screw up the world so that the United States can remain on top

I’d like to propose a broader idea of the American Century. An American Century that includes not just the
United States, not just North America, but the entire American hemisphere, North and South America. Here in the 21st
century we have an opportunity to promote the values that all of America shares. Values like
democracy, values like the rule of law, an ability to move beyond the sort of older ideologies
and the nationalisms that have so corrupted and ripped the old world to shreds. There’s
so much that we all agree on and if we work closer together we can
make the 21st century another American Century. A more real American Century. One that all the
countries in North and South America can agree on and be proud of. There are many obstacles to
this New American Century.

The drug war comes to mind, immigration policies that are sort of insane and antiquated. But one of
the main obstacles was the fact that the United States had chosen for fifty years to turn a small tiny Caribbean nation of 11
million people into some crazy boogie man that had to be… avoided, you know. And this was something
that that I never thought would change, or rather I didn’t really think would change for decades.

I’m not expressing this very well but, Yes! Yes! Yes! I’m very very excited. A lot needs to happen for this to move forward… Congress needs to step up and ignore
some of the more ridiculous parts of the Republican coalition, but I’m hopeful. I think this is… this is

This is a big, big step and something that we should all be happy
about. So yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! This is me doing a happy dance! Happy dance … happy dance … happy dance!
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Robert Morris

Robert Morris Tweets @TheFederalGovt, posts video as the More Freedom Foundation, and has written a quick pamphlet on the drug war that can be found here.

  1. I’m excited for less sarcastic reasons: finally we can get Cuban cigars.

    Oh, and the innocent people who had the crap luck of being born in a crap communist country won’t be punished by sanctions that obviously hurt them the most.

  2. I am a Cuban American and my father excaped from Cuba. This is terrible news because they will always be communist rule and now America just told the world that it is not serious about fighting dictators in there back yard.