Hands up! Are the people just powerless pawns?

Now throw your hands in the air ... And wave 'em like you just don't care ... And if you like fish and grits and all that pimp shit ... Then everybody say O-Yea-yer!

Let’s be abundantly clear, Michael Brown appears to be a poor example of a good citizen.

I find a statement from Independent Journal Review so indicative of the sickness of adherence to corrupt authority it must be expanded on.

A video capture of the moment after the shooting captures a conversation.

One man clearly says the cops shot at Brown first. There was no gun in Brown’s hand, and then when he “rushed” them they shot him dead.

This is the line the “blogger” and many reporters have used like it, after this eyewitness report.

“This is terribly important because if Mike Brown had been shot, and he advanced towards the cop instead of surrendering, it would substantiate the narrative that the policeman shot in self-defense due to the fact that he was being threatened with severe bodily harm.”

And if a cop was attacking the unarmed man, of course Brown moved aggressively at the man trying to kill him.

This is implying that if someone is trying to kill you, give up! Especially if they’re a government agent! You must submit.

In contrast, Brown was a formidable man that appeared to strong-arm others and take things as he pleased.

However, this does not negate his right to defend himself against illegal law enforcement activity, and a strong-arm robbery clearly does not involve the use of a gun. So it doesn’t authorize the officer to use any deadly force, if he knew about it. The cops have means beyond a gun to stop a threat and those should always be the first measures used.

The report from the officer — through a friend — claims he was punched in the face.

Recent multiple witness reports state this too. However, the media sources reporting this information are collectivist outlets with a mental stake in making the police appear justified.

Of course the officer is going to say that Brown hit him and he felt threatened, it’s not like he has a gadget belt with a taser, mase and actual training in physical takedown techniques.

Instead, he shoots the people he works for first, and always as an accepted option when he has escalated a situation. With no punishment of real consequence for the action, because he knows he can do this and you can’t.

Cops make a choice to be cops. They are servants to the people. The servants do not punish the master. They risk death to defend the master.

The cop’s story then cannot be and is not to be legally trusted, until there’s video.

One can squeal until their voice goes out that when Brown decided to approach the officers they had the right to kill him!

Brown was one of those people to be served and protected until proven otherwise, in a court.


Chad Ginsburg is a champion of self-governance, the rights of the Individual, and a return to minimal government. A Jeffersonian Republican, Ginsburg integrates his knowledge of liberty and understanding of the foundation, reasoning, and documents of the American Republic as a voice of rebellion against centralized authority.He has been published on American Thinker and other news sources, and was a political talk show host on AM740 KVOR.Building on his background in broadcast radio and experience as a Quality Control Analyst, he aims to guide the lost and disenfranchised to the truths of our nation’s founding and to help all revolt against the trappings of collectivism and tyranny.Ginsburg hosts his weekly political radio blog, Ginsburg, at Blog Talk Radio and grinds axes in the Twittersphere on a daily basis.

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