Are the Ferguson riots justified?

54744b9f61e5b.imageRemember this headline? Cop involved in Ferguson shooting has fractured eye socket: report

Yeah, that’s right. The authority submissives reported Darren Wilson’s eye socket was damaged when this whole thing started, and the adherents to police authority on the right plastered this false claim and this photo was circulated:


…Everywhere it could be. Of course, that’s not Darren Wilson at all.

The New York Post had no problem running the claim too.


The sources were supposedly, and probably were with the DA and St. Louis Police Department. Gateway Pundit has since scrubbed and altered their original report for obvious reasons. Yet, we need to understand media intentionally and widely used an image of a different person.

Now look at Darren’s pasty white ass with a little bruise on his jaw, no fracture, and on the opposite side of his face from the driver’s side of the vehicle mind you.


This is justification to kill an already TWICE shot citizen who used energy to flee? To not use your training in advanced take-down techniques on the injured accused perpetrator?

Darren Wilson is a product of the system just like Michael Brown. As is reported Wilson said he, ‘followed his training‘, and through that training was taught to take control of ALL situations using intimidation tactics.

It is clear that his scrawny physique and poor posture leaves this guy with a inferiority complex, like most cops, in a position of authority.

Darren Wilson’s testimony, especially after meeting with a Union rep for immediate damage control, cannot be trusted. Evidence around the scene cannot be trusted. Reports in his defense appear to no be trustworthy. The riot’s focused on police and government buildings MAY NOT be totally unjustified. Something on the Law’s story stinks.

However, the damage to fellow citizen’s homes and businesses is not acceptable.

That said, the middle class better stop backing this weasel in their blind support and adherence to authority, because little pigs like this have no problem treating them in the same manner.

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