Speaking of Pirate Party…

Looks like the WaPo thinks that there ought to be an American Pirate Party. Given the constitution party fusion is rapidly unfusing, and the LP is somehow attempting to do a top-down crowdsourcing on farcebook, it’s looking more and more like the “Net Libertarians” are becoming politically homeless. Perhaps it IS time for an American Pirate Party, as the B&M parties just aren’t cutting it for the net generation anymore…


who is john galt? Me, that's who!

  1. If you look on FB you will see that there are already Pirate Party groups formed in many states including NY, FL, CA, WA, MT, HW, OR, MN, and more. WaPo should do better research the American Pirate Party is already alive and kicking.

  2. I hate the whole premise of a “Party” system. Eventually, most elected officials will pay more allegiance to ‘the party’ than the Constitution. Candidates typically ascend to ‘Statesman’ then devolve into ‘Politician’.