Seeking unification of constitutionalist third parties

These days, Cody Quirk has had enough.

“After living through the nightmare that took place on Tuesday the 5th, I really have had it; I’ve gone through this for much too long to stomach anymore, I just can’t tolerate it now, period. So I’m putting my foot down and bring an end to it once and for all.”

An end to what, exactly? The Youth Chairman & Carson City Central Committee Chair of the Independent American Party of Nevada (affiliated with the national Constitution Party) answers in detail:

“Ever since the days of George Wallace and the once great American Independent Party, there has been nothing but infighting, strife, and division amongst those third-parties that believe in constitutional government and the restoration of our Constitutional Republic. Ever since the early 1970’s, there has always been two, three, or more political groups that all claim the constitutionalist or paleoconservative mantle, yet cannot merge, or even work together simply because of petty, or selfish differences.

“Believe me, I’ve researched heavily into modern third-party history, the main causes for these divisions have little to do with entryism. or infiltration by outside groups; the main causes have been certain individuals, with a hidden agenda, a prejudice, or a arrogant self-righteous personality -that usually end up either as a leader, or in a powerful position where they can cause serious damage and strife to a political third-party that’s usually in its growing stages, and they pretty much stop that party’s growth and progress in it’s tracks where it would end up becoming politically insignificant or even extinct, all thanks to such individuals. And in a scenario where a third-party splits, many of the individuals in either one, or both factions, are so bitter and hard-headed against the other, that not only will they refuse to work together, but in some cases, they even work to undermine, or sabotage, the other party’s, or faction’s, efforts; therefore hurting their cause, and/or progress, and also emboldening the two-party system, all thanks to such self-destructive actions.

“This has happened to many third parties throughout our history, including the Bull Moose Progressive Party, the Reform Party, etc. However when it comes to third-parties of the constitutionalist, or paleoconservative, persuasion; this kind of infighting has become so common among such parties that share my ideology, that any talk of uniting these parties together as a single, national entity is often scoffed, or laughed at. And any serious attempt, or effort to accomplish that goal, is considered like a ‘Quest for the Holy Grail’.

“…Well, not only do I intend to find that Holy Grail, I intend to make sure it’ll never get lost again.”

The politically active and hard-working Nevadan recently started up a group to accomplish just that. Which is, to open dialogue and work towards uniting the Constitution Party, the National Independent American Party, the America First Party, the American Party, and every other third-party out there that shares the same beliefs of restoring constitutional government and putting ‘principles above politics’.

Read the full article at Independent/Third Party News and Views

  1. Yeah, almost all “third party unification” drives I’ve seen are about 5 minutes of “focus on our commonalities” and 3 hours of “yeah, well, YOU’RE a jerk!”. Pardon me if I say I’ll believe it when I see it