Ron Paul crosses line with Chris Kyle death tweet

On Monday February 4th, former Texas Congressman Ron Paul tweeted the following:

Understandably, a shitstorm ensued as people inferred that Ron Paul was saying Chris Kyle had it coming because of his past history as a Navy SEAL sniper. In fact, the writers at said just that in a tactless post titled “Ron Paul: Chris Kyle Had It Coming“.

TheWeek jumped on the story:

And just like that, the three-time Republican presidential candidate’s tenuous coalition of pro-gun libertarians, anti–Federal Reserve goldbugs, and foreign policy non-interventionists crumbled. Paul is an opponent of gun control — saying after December’s Newtown, Conn., grade school massacre that “more guns equals less crime” and that “private gun ownership prevents many shootings” — but also of U.S. military adventurism. Kyle, also an outspoken gun-rights advocate, earned a reputation in Iraq as one of the deadliest snipers in U.S. military history.

Hours later, after a lot of backlash on social media and the conserva-sphere, Ron Paul meekly put out a follow-up tweet pointing to a short facebook post:

As much as it pains me to say it, Ron Paul simply doesn’t look good here.

Hopefully Paul will come out and say it was an intern posting tasteless drivel his accounts, but don’t count on it.

UPDATE: Lt. William J. Lawler II, M.Ed posted the following praise of Ron Paul’s tweet at LibertyCrier which hit my inbox along with a lot of negativity from military veterans:

When I first heard about the shooting I felt bad.

As soon as I learned who Chris Kyle was and how proud he was of how many people he had murdered, I felt less bad.

What goes around comes around.

In this case it was on an individual level. Soon it will be on a national level.

Unfortunately, those of us who fought against the tyranny of the American Empire are going to have to pay the price for all of the scumbags and idiots that supported American Imperialism.

Oh well, life’s not fair.

There’s definitely a schism growing in the Ron Paul revolution over this tweet. It’s unfair to veterans, many who have fought in wars and killed people, to suddenly claim that for them to die would be no great tragedy.

I reiterate that the Iraq war was misguided and a terrible spilling of blood on both sides, but that’s no excuse to start flinging insults and derision at the soldiers. The blame lies squarely on the politicians who fabricated evidence and ordered aggression.

As libertarians, we ought to be taking the moral high road and insist that all deaths are tragic, even those of our soldiers.

Let’s not forget that many allies in the Ron Paul revolution have fought in previous wars under a draft. Those troops are going to view any slights against the rank and file soldier as a severe affront to their patriotic duty to protect those who can’t or won’t fight from those who would.

UPDATE II: Someone from Liberty Crier dropped by and rudely commented. I have responded.

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. Well, he WAS accurate, treating PTSD on a rifle range isn’t exactly the wisest choice in the world, albeit that’s exactly what Kyle was doing: using shooting discipline to get past PTSD. I just think that while Kyle’s heart was in the right place, his head may have not…

    1. “while Kyle’s heart was in the right place, his head may have not”

      That’s a terrible pun.

  2. I have lost all respect for Ron Paul. All it took was one tweet about a fellow veteran who was murdered. What a terrible thing to say about a real hero.

  3. it just goes to prove that you can be for peace and say the right thing a million times and the media will ignore you, but the moment you say the wrong thing… NEWSFLASHES EVERYWHERE!!!!

  4. Chris Kyle claimed he punched Jesse Ventura in the mouth and was being sued, but you don’t hear about Ventura saying anything about this.

    That’s the kind of tongue-biting class I expected from Ron Paul and somehow got from Ventura. #LOLOppositeDay

  5. Ron Paul is 100% right. You live by the gun, you die by the gun. All these wars and stuff have the sheeple thinking its okay for murder to happen 10000 miles away at the push of a button but it comes home everyone so tim to freak out.

  6. (1) Twitter is for twits. Brevity is the soul of twits.

    (2) Never put religious content in a comment on anything but religion. You are almost always going to sound like an idiot or a phoney or an arrogant, condescending jerk to someone.

  7. Christ preached against violence.

    If Christ had Twitter, he would be preaching against being a jerk towards those in mourning.

  8. Ron Paul is correct in the moral argument that these people who live violent lives will almost assuredly end in violent deaths. The real problem is twitter is a bad place to discuss the issue at length.

  9. Ron Paul blew it no doubt and should retire. see comments below mine.

    But this is exactly why we as a country have to be VERY careful about foreign wars and entanglements, policing other countries and the world, etc. Read The Book of Mormon’s ART of WAR, it is very helpful. Read what Washington said about messing around in foreign countries and extended wars. When we go to war it needs to be legally Constitutionally declared and we go kick butt then come home. War should be our last resort but our enemies should FEAR us if we are forced into it causing them to think twice.

    Just my view.

  10. Your attack calling Chris Kyle a murderer serves a very negative purpose and has done extreme damage to the Ron Paul movement. Veterans like me are disavowing him and people like you who are shilling for him.

    If Kyle was a murderer then you must consider me and thousands of other vets murderers. We were a major support base for Ron Paul but no more. He has, as the saying goes, “pissed in his chili” and you who write for his blog are also no better than the senile old man.

    What would you have all combat veterans do, execute themselves via suicide for committing murder? We already have enough active military and veterans committing suicide. How about you face some of us, even one on one, whom you choose to trash by calling Kyle a murderer or are you one of the typical worthless cowards who dare not say what you have written to a room full of veterans or even one on one?

  11. The height of intellectual dishonesty. Why not post Lt. Lawler’s entire post which is only about a paragraph long? Because you want to show a single set of statements and make them out of context. Sure you provide a link, knowing that most people will not bother to click on it. The first part of his post makes 100% sense and has the effect of making the part you show sound much more reasonable because we see where he is coming from.

    1. No, it’s intellectual laziness if you DON’T CLICK on something that is linked.

      I provide links so that people WILL BOTHER TO CLICK ON IT, not so you can assume what I’m thinking.

      What I’m thinking is that I should refrain from posting entire articles because I believe in copyrights. Instead I’ll quote sections that jump out at me.

      You’re welcome for the explanation.

      1. Hi Stephen – I’m the owner of The Liberty Crier. I believe in heartfelt discourse and I believe that William’s post was just that. He is expressing his feelings. He is not a part of the staff at our website but he does post on the site from time to time.

        If you go to the post you’re linking to you’ll find that while I understand Wiliam’s points I actually disagree with him.

        I’m not here (on your site) to debate who is right or wrong, but I am asking you to leave my website out of this. You’re jumping to conclusions and making unfair assumptions. Just debate the issues please.

        And for the record I do now, and will in the future, welcome William’s posts at my website. As I said I do see his point of view, I just happen to see the other side as well.

      1. I don’t know who Richard Craven is so please don’t associate him with my website. What you’re doing is dishonest and unfair. I’m not taking a side here, I’m saying you attributing comments to a source that they don’t come from.

          1. People can log into my backend (it’s a wordpress site with open registration) and so they can come from my admin section to your site. It could be anyone.

            And honestly I don’t even know what you’re complaint is about because I’ve barely read your post here. I only know I saw you linking to me and then glanced over your comments to find you blaming me for something, not exactly sure what. Just leave me out of it. That’s all I’m saying.

  12. Says who? My place of peace and place of zen is on the range. If you want to stress me out and raise my blood pressure, put me on a psychologist’s couch. For some of us, the best place to treat PTSD is on the range.