GOP establishment more dangerous than DNC

If the Republican sellouts who are “the establishment” wanted to eliminate their nemeses the grassroots Constitutional Libertarian tea party — what better way than to allow the Democrat socialists/Marxists now in power to do the work for them?

If the Democrats think they can be successful in silencing us — will the Republican sellouts who have all the assets and resources (think Wall Street and big business money) stand by and be silent as we are silenced, harassed and ridiculed. Even placed on government enemies lists (some of us are already there) to destroy us?

Will the government, now inseparable from the Democratic Party, stop at silencing us or will they destroy us using their tools of tyranny such as DOJ, IRS, DHS, NSA and a host of other government agencies to even have us arrested, tried and convicted in Kangaroo Courts?

There is precedent and it is accelerating.

I believe the Republican establishment is much more dangerous to individual liberty, free market economy (not today’s capitalism), limited government and strong national self-defense (not nation building) than the socialist/Marxist Democratic political machine.

You ask why?

Because we can identify the Democrats as a clear and present danger. Many who are Republicans and independents do not identify the Republican establishment as a threat to freedom.

They do not recognize the Republican establishment are appeasers willing to sacrifice the very element of their party for their personal gains.

They do not understand the Republican establishment is also about being ‘…isms’ hell bent on power and control over the common people who are the salt of the earth mules making this country work up until now.

Time to borrow from the Republican play book of the 1850’s and destroy them as they did the Whigs, then out of the ashes comes another party? It was them who can teach us something about history.

We need the unaffiliated, Libertarian Party and tea party Republicans to rise up and seize power by destroying the establishment Republican Party.

Of course it will be painful, very painful and will have consequences but in the long run it may be our last and best hope to hang on and transform our nation back to a Constitutional Republic.

Yes, the Democrats may benefit in the short run with a political civil war against the Republican establishment by disenfranchised grassroots common people but in the long run that is a small price to pay to rid us of the corrupt establishment thugs in the Republican Party.

Julian VanDyke, Jr.

"Tracker" is a Vietnam War veteran with a lot of anger to share. We asked him his rank once and he told us to stuff ourselves. He's on your team, and that's probably all you need to know scruff.

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