Cody Quirk: ‘A continuing appeal to all Constitutionalists and Principled-Conservatives’

by Cody Quirk
I’ve recently heard that the National IAP is going to attempt to get on the ballot in Utah, despite the fact that the CP is already on the ballot in that state.
However, despite the personal help and involvement I have given to the National IAP on bipartisan matters, on this I cannot contribute, being that I am a member of the Constitution Party, and the leader of the Clarion Call To Unite Committee, for it would both create a conflict of interest for me and also be unfair of me to put one party’s interests above another party’s interests.
Yet I still respect and understand why the National IAP is doing this; while they are true constitutionalist patriots and have endorsed and contributed to the efforts of the CCTUC, as well as reached out to CP’ers in cooperation and friendship, they still need to represent and advance their interests for the time being, until the CCTUC finally calls all the parties together for a official sit-down meeting and work out an actual formula for unification.
But that said, my point I am making in this statement is this; I consider it sad and a unfortunate waste of resources when one constitutionalist party tries on get on the ballot while another constitutionalist party is already on the ballot in the same state; an example like this shows why we need to unite and to stop using money, time, and resources on something like this, when, in a unified national constitutionalist party, such money, time, and resources could instead go to building up and organizing that unified national party.
However, please do not take this criticism as being leveled against the National IAP; for they are good-intentioned patriots that will eventually play a very important part in organizing a unified party when we reach that point in due time.
This criticism is instead leveled at the years, even decades, of division that has existed among the constitutionalist and principled-conservative parties which is the main obstacle and reason why the CP, and especially the other parties have yet to elect candidates to major offices on a widespread scale- because of the splintering of resources and talents, which only make such efforts for the CP, the National IAP, and other parties vain and petty when attempting the same thing on their own, without any help or cooperation from the rival parties…
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