Clarion Call To Unite Committee April 13th Meeting Report

by Cody Quirk
The CCTUC meeting today, for the 13th of April was largely, a success.
We had Kelly Gneiting and Jared Beck of the National Independent American Party, Janine Hansen of the Constitution Party, Markham Robinson of the California American Independent Party, Anthony Tolda of the Sovereignty Party, Tom Hoefling of America’s Party, Douglas Joy of the American Party, along with CCTUC Vice-Chair Joshua Fauver and CCTUC Spokesperson and 2016 presidential candidate, Robby Wells…
And me, the CCTUC National Chairman, of course.
While the meeting got off to a rough start due to a few technical glitches, nevertheless, Tom Hoefling gave the opening prayer, and thereafter we talked and discussed at length the proposed ‘Clarion Call To Unite Resolution’, which the CCTUC intends to see become adopted by the parties involved in this great effort.
Unfortunately, because of the detailed length of the resolution itself, and of the brief time that some of the leaders & representatives of each party had in participating in today’s meeting, we unanimously decided to edit certain portions of the resolution for today’s meeting, which we did- thanks to the contributing efforts of both Mr. Robinson and Mrs. Hansen -and to hold another meeting on the 11th of next month to conclude and finish editing the rest of the resolution, and adopting it afterwards.
However, when this resolution is completely edited and set on stone after the next meeting on the 11th, it will then be immediately made public, and gradually adopted by these parties that we have reached out to, and have answered the Clarion Call To Unite, God willing…
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Note: The Clarion Call To Unite Committee is a group made up of like-minded constitutionalists from various minor parties and political independents that likewise favor the restoration of our Constitutional Republic.
The goal of this group, however, is to bring all Constitutionalist and Principled-Conservative political parties together in harmony and work towards the formation, and eventual creation, of a permanent and united national party that will be successful in its efforts to restore our original Constitutional Republic.