CCTUC Statement on the Current Situation within the National Constitution Party

Forwarded from the Clarion Call To Unite Committee’s website.
While the Clarion Call To Unite Committee previously issued a brief statement on the unfortunate matter pertaining to the results of the Constitution Party National Committee meeting in Baltimore, Maryland yesterday; however, there are also, at this current moment, increasing reports that the supposed vote taken during the early Saturday morning portion of their meeting may have been intentionally manipulated, or even rigged, and that the validity of this vote the CP took on a resolution that addressed our organization, and our efforts- at the moment, is open to question.
However, while if true and accurate, in which these reports and rumors about the conduct and actions taken at the CP National Committee meeting in Baltimore are indeed disturbing to us, and certainly do complicate our dialogue and outreach efforts with the National Constitution Party; nevertheless, the CCTUC believes that such matters within the Constitution Party are for the leaders and members of the CP alone to deal with, and resolve, and without outside interference.
Therefore, regardless of the nature of such internal situations in the organization of the CP, the CCTUC pledges neutrality and complete non-interference in this increasingly dire situation within the Constitution Party, and respects those members of the CCTUC that are also members, or leaders, of the CP itself, to take any course of action on their party’s business as they so please, as long as they do not involve our organization in such a situation.
We are very sorry about these unexpected events, and do hope and pray that the Constitution Party can resolve any internal matters that could potentially be self-destructive for their party, and also to commence further in friendship and dialogue with us, as we seek to end the unfortunate strive and division that continues to plague fellow patriots, and to bring about the restoration of our Constitutional Republic.
Cody Quirk,
National Chairman,
Clarion Call To Unite Committee