Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales Victory Tour takes him to Turkey

Wales Watches
Fresh off of a (hopefully not temporary) victory over SOPA, Jimmy Wales has a new campaign unrolling in Turkey. He’s selling watches.

This particular “Oh shit, globalization” moment happened on my commute yesterday. American actors have long used their celebrity to hawk goods in foreign markets. It’s odd to see Wales doing the same. When you think about it though, it makes sense. Wales is in that odd class of individuals who have been revolutionary in information technology without making any real money. It is hard to begrudge him some extra cash. Really, there are few items in commerce less morally objectionable than Swiss watches. I could be wrong, but I don’t think there are many sweatshops in Zurich. Now that Wikipedia has taken such a political stance, however, some will try to call him out on it.

This is apparently quite old news. He has been involved in the campaign for over a year. It is new to Turkey and this correspondent, however. Expect the haters to try to make hay of in in the coming weeks.

This correspondent talks about all sorts of old news, especially the drug war, here.

Robert Morris

Robert Morris Tweets @TheFederalGovt, posts video as the More Freedom Foundation, and has written a quick pamphlet on the drug war that can be found here.

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  1. This is probably little more than an uncomfortable truth for Jimmy Wales fans. He doesn’t seem to have a large contingent of critics though – considering the fact that Wikipedia is actually really damn awesome – so I doubt anyone truly cares that he makes some money on the side hawking *quality* Swiss watches.

    Besides, what celebrity nerd *wouldn’t* mind having their face plastered all over physical meatspace with some fancy watches and a free ad for your own product to boot?

    Chalk it up to savvy self-awareness and move on. Having your smug mug plastered around on billboards around the world is probably the worst thing ever if people suddenly started hating you because you’re being a douche. He’s sure to know this.

    It couldn’t be worse than this teen heart-throb Bill Gates ad from forever ago (and a bunch of other geeks who are hilariously awkward).