Who gives a shit about foreign policy? Madonna does

Madonna — the reigning queen of pop — launched her latest tour in Tel Aviv, Israel. In the midst of performances steeped in blatant symbolism, she gave a political statement to the packed arena of 32,000.

“It’s easy to say, ‘I want peace in the world.'” Pausing before adding, “But, it’s another thing to do it.”

“If we can all rise above our egos, and our titles, and the names of our countries and the names of our religions.”

Flanked by a squad of sleeveless dancers in berets, the 53-year-old singer’s voice frequently quivered as she spoke of the fundamental ground roots needed for peace.” If we can rise above all of that and treat everyone around us, every human being with dignity and respect, then we are on the road to peace.”

“No matter how many laws we change, no matter how many percentages of land we give back, no matter how many talks, no matter how many wars. If we don’t treat every human being with dignity and respect, we will never have peace,” she said to loud cheers.

Madonna did not name names during the impromptu speech, leaving it anyone’s guess whether she’ll eventually expound upon her latest blond ambitions.

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