When TSA goons get smart

I have to hand it to the Thieving Security Administration employees, who have been caught stealing everything under the harsh florescent lights of baggage handling, apparently they are branching out, thanks to the new education program where they can earn a… TSA Certificate of Achievement.
I bet their certificate has a familiar cartoon bear in the corner. I would frame that shit next to a picture of James Gandolfini.
Anyways, TSA employees are finding out that they will have to step up their criminal game if they want to exploit the job, so the new thing is drug smuggling. Here’s a TSA goonette who got caught in uniform in a Trafficking Security Administration drug bust in Newark, New Jersey:

A TSA screener at Newark Airport was recently busted in a major heroin den near her workplace — still wearing her spiffy, government-issued uniform, authorities said.
Samirah Saunders, 22, and two other women were collared in the March 6 raid at 86 Wainwright St. in Newark, just around the corner from an elementary school and a spot where cops found a load of ready-for-street-sale heroin, according to sources and court records.
Two other suspects, Gavin Barker, 23, and Mariyah Sanders, 20, were also arrested.
It wasn’t clear whether Saunders was still on duty or was going to or from work.
She’s accused of helping to distribute the 1,400 packets of heroin, stamped “Green Lantern” and “P Dope” in green ink, confiscated from the apartment, according to court records.
The fact that the pad was near a school resulted in Saunders’ being hit with an additional felony charge of possessing or distributing heroin within 1,000 feet of a school.
In her mug shot, a somber Saunders was still wearing her blue TSA uniform blouse, adorned with black epaulets.
Her lawyer, James Pomaco, insisted that his client went to the apartment just to say hello to the other women.
“She was at the wrong place at the wrong time,’’ he said.

Oh my, they’ve learned how to use lawyers.