The Republicans are the real socialists

Commie Romney
“The Republicans are a bunch of communists.“

For years, this statement has been my way of pointing out to people that my Libertarian beliefs place me to the right of Atilla the Hun. Lately though, I have realized that the statement is true.

With their full throated support of the military industrial and prison industrial complexes, the Republicans are the originators and protectors of all the cushiest government jobs in the country. The Democrats are of course 99% as bad as the Republicans are on these issues, but at least some of them, occasionally, try to find non-lethal ways to waste our tax dollars. You shouldn’t vote for any of them.

The Northrup Grumans and the Corrections Corporation of Americas of this world are the true welfare queens. You can put a Gingrich-ian gloss on it, and claim that these companies are in the private sector because they work for corporate structures, but you would be fooling yourself. If an entity makes all of its money selling things to the government, then it is functionally a branch of government. It might be easier to fire people than it is at the Department of Education, but the folks at the top of the DOE don’t take home tens of millions of dollars a year.

This is socialism in practice. Our defense industry is make-work on a scale that would make FDR blush. At least his Works Progress Administration didn’t do anything. Since 1989, our defense industry has worked tirelessly to make us less secure, and invent reasons to send our soldiers off to die in deserts. What the defense industry does to our soldiers, and Islamic weddings, the prison industry does to the rest of us. It turns poor pot smokers of color into violent criminals, and poor white people into the commandants of rape camps.

These industries have locked whole regions of our country into a culture of dependency. Munitions workers, prison workers and their representatives in congress continue to vote for these depraved policies. Anyone who looks honestly at the results of our war on drugs, and our absurd policy of militarizing the world, can see that their effects are malign, but these policies are too entrenched to stop. Too many good government jobs depend on them.

So yes, when Republicans say that we are in danger of becoming a socialist country, they are absolutely right. This process did not start four years ago, however, it has been going on for a lot longer, and both parties are its authors and (hopefully not) finishers. Let me leave you with a little Abraham Lincoln*

From Whence shall we expect the approach of danger? Shall some transatlantic giant step the earth and crush us at a blow? Never! All the Armies of Europe and Asia could not, by force, take a drink from the Ohio River or set a track on the Blue Ridge in the trial of a thousand years. If destruction be our lot, we ourselves must be its author and finisher. As a nation of free men, we will live forever, or die by suicide.

*Sadly I am not enough of a Lincolnologist to come by that quote honestly, all credit is due to Titus Andronicus, an awesome band, for making me aware of it.

Robert Morris has written at some length on US foreign policy and the drug war. His videos and writings can be found here.

Robert Morris

Robert Morris Tweets @TheFederalGovt, posts video as the More Freedom Foundation, and has written a quick pamphlet on the drug war that can be found here.

  1. Technically this would put Romney closer to fascism than socialism, but the debate is really about liberty vs security so the more economic security Romney promises the less liberty people will have (eventually losing their security as well).

    1. Maybe. Certainly if you ask a 20th Century Academic. Stalin and Hitler were really invested in the idea that their particular brutal collectivist nationalist totalitarian movement was completely different from the other guy’s. Maybe we should stop taking their word for it? I think the differences between the two systems had more to do with the details of their countries than any eternal political truths. Germany had a middle and ruling class that had to be co-opted, Russia mostly just had a bunch of peasants.

  2. Ah. The lessons of the 1930s are leaving us. Expect a world war in 10 to 20 years. The defense industry is a form of signaling. When the signaling got weak in the 30s we got the roaring 40s.

    OTOH. Your basic premise is correct if you approach it from the Progressive side: “Government Should…” and the various “War On…” campaigns.

  3. “With their full throated support of the military industrial and prison industrial complexes, the Republicans are the originators and protectors of all the cushiest government jobs in the country.”

    THIS. Our collective worship of all things military combined with our desire to turn every peccadillo into a jailable offense (since privately-owned prisons are incentivized to want higher incarceration rates) are the two biggest threats to our republic today. Our founding fathers knew this well when they debated over even having a military in the first place. Everything else, including the economy, is secondary or tertiary.