South Park promoting Ron Paul?

Word has it the Ron Paul campaign will get a nice sized shot of publicity in the arm from South Park’s long-time libertarian creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone (check out HoT’s almost creepy love for them). Here’s an early sneak peak of Ron Paul in cartoon form that was floating around with the rumor (which looks legit):

We’ve also heard Rick Santorum makes an appearance in the episode called “Faith Hilling“. I’m guessing that has something to do with faith healing as a story told by the troupe of fourth graders, in the most tongue in butthole cheek manner possible.

Update: Confirmed, looks like all the GOP candidates will be under the South Park microscope.

It seems the only hint we get about the storyline is this short blurb, “Mankind’s evolution begins to accelerate at a rapid and disturbing pace. Concurrently, another species on the planet is exhibiting the same drastic development. Eventually the two species will battle to the death and ‘Faith Hilling’ may be humanity’s only hope.”


Update II: I’m not 100% sure, but I’d venture to say the episode title means country singer Faith Hill will also be making an appearance in what is sure to be a religiously charged episode. The verb-“ing” of her name seems to be a nod to the Tim Tebow phenomenon (“tebowing” is taking a knee and praying), so I’m throwing it out there for anyone looking for clues to grasp at before it airs.

Update III: It aired, but suffice to say there are no endorsements. The GOP debate cameos at the beginning and end were clever teases that tie in hilariously. One new meme we’d like to see more of is this “reporting”.

On the other hand, that cat was saying “Olong Johnson” which sounds like “Go long, Johnson”. Is that an endorsement for Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson as leader of the cat uprising? Yeah, I’m sure he wishes.

Update IV: Faith Hilling demonstrated, in case anyone is still wondering. Yes, they look stupid.

Update V: Faith Hilling + pandering = what else is new? I fully expect Santorum or Gingrich or Romney to actually do this IRL now. More likely their campaigns will be photobombed.

For those with poor reading comprehension, here’s a second link to the South Park episode.

Update VI: From the Ron Paul forums, Sozu tells us the punchline, “The message I got out of it was Ron Paul is the latest fad (Oh Long Johnson-ing), and he’s taking over the world like the cats, and whoever tries to black him out will be run over by an oncoming train.” Ron Paul was the meme all along! *head explodes*

  1. I the endorsement was there just subtle; first, who got the only legible (and good amount of) speaking time? Second, who was spared at the end from looking like a complete idiot?

  2. I think they replaced Paul with the ‘talking’ cat for a couple reasons. To begin with, its fairly obvious that the GOP establishment would LIKE to get Paul off ‘their’ stage. So here, they replaced him with a creature which, they were led to believe by their ‘experts’, had evolved and developed the ability to ‘meme’, or do silly or even dangerous things just for attention.

    Santorum, Gingrich, and Romney continue to pander, but the 4th, whether Paul or the cat, stays on-message. In each case, the presence of the 4th doing his own thing seems to really disturb the panderers.  And in the end, you can’t remember anything the other 3 said, but ‘Olong Johnson’ sticks with you.

  3. SP is saying many, many things at once about Ron Paul, which is why it works.
    A) They are stating their disappointment at the fallacy of the “Big Three” (Pah!) candidates who will jump on any popular bandwagon to garner MSM approval, money, votes, and recognition. Never discussing the issues, only doing what is popular. The Colorado Paper that Stan buys, reporting the original Faith Hilling of the episode, only mentioned Romney and Gingrich’s stance on the issue. They derided it, did they not? Only jumping on when it was “cool” and “interesting” once Cartman added some flair to it.
    B) They are saying Ron Paul is misunderstood, underrepresented, and some would view his ideals as “dangerous” or “nonsense”. “Oh Long Johnson” makes little sense to “intelligent humans” (sheeple), but to the cats…maybe it makes perfect sense? The “Libertarian Cats” are evolving, their message is being heard but is still being misunderstood. The Oh Long Johnson cat (representing Ron Paul) is completely and utterly mistranslated by that dude in the funky costume. Compare dude’s translation of Oh Long Johnson Cat(probably will have to rewatch) and compare it to the views that Ron Paul holds. Now, compare how a democrat would translate Ron Paul’s views in a liberal, left wing way. Not too dissimilar, eh?
    C) They are calling Ron Paul a great big pussy (cat), who is locked away in a cage. A pussy (cat) who says the same things over and over, and who cannot be understood by the other candidates. The cat could be saying great, intelligent, revolutionary things…but so long as he remains polite, calm, and collected, he’ll always remain locked in a cage and considered “dangerous” to the other candidates.
    D) Notice when Cartman Faithhilled at the beginning, and at the end, as well as the differing reactions. At first, it was viewed as “old”, “lame”, “Soooo 2010”. All the while he always maintained that they should Faith Hill, that “faithhilling is a mark of their generation”, that Faith Hilling is “still cool”. Nearly being corrupted by peer pressure, he at the end nearly jumps onto the latest fad…a crazy splice and dice of all three “newer” fads…but he remains faithful to Faith Hilling…he faith hills, but in an all new, rockin’ way! People had never seen “Faith Hilling” like this before! Wow, it’s…great! May be rudimentary to point out, but Cartman was in fact pointing at Paul with his Faith Hilling.
    So to break it down in easy, bite sized chunks… they are saying Ron Paul is probably the best candidate who remains consistent, honorable, and doesn’t deviate from what he thinks is right despite what may be the “cool” or “most recent fad”
    They are also calling him a great big pussy, who maybe should be doing less meowing towards the other candidates, and do more roaring like a lion. Kinda like how Cartman always faith hilled…but it wasn’t considered cool again until he made it louder, rockier, funner? Maybe Ron Paul should take a lesson from Cartman…keep doing what you’re doing, but damn it, do it with some conviction.
    We all know Ron Paul has that “lion” inside of him. We’ve seen that lion jump out and roar before, haven’t we? Very scantly, yes, but I can look back and remember that it was that lion that got me into Ron Paul. I liked the cat, but I liked the cat even more when he raised his voice, yelled and caused actual excitement with his campaign! He’s quieted down again…
    My theory? He might be saving it all up for a battle against Obama. Imagine him, roaring and clawing at the debates…
    “Woah, I’ve seen Ron Paul BEFORE…but I’ve never seen Ron Paul like THIS!”

    Dirty scumbags just want money and protection from the foreign shadow government.
    People with no sense of history love to her what they want to hear.

  5. Full quote of the Ron Paul  sound clip they used:

    “After World War
    II, we had 10 million came home all at once. But what did we do then?
    There were some of the liberals back then that said, oh, we have to have
    more work programs and do this and that. And they thought they would
    have to do everything conceivable for those 10 million. They never got
    around to it because they came home so quickly. And you know what the
    government did? They cut the budget by 60 percent. They cut taxes by 30
    percent. By that time, the debt had been liquidated. And everybody went
    back to work again, you didn’t need any special programs.but the one
    thing — talking about the concern about the military and the veterans,
    I’m very proud that, you know, I get twice as many donations from the
    military — active military people, than all the rest put together. So I
    am very concerned about them. I think where the real problem is, is we
    can create a healthy economic environment if we did the right things.
    But where the veterans really deserve help, both as a physician and as a
    congressman, is the people who’ve come back and aren’t doing well
    health-wise. They need a lot more help. We have an epidemic now of
    suicide of our military coming back. So they need a lot of medical help,
    and I think they come up shortchanged. They came up shortchanged after
    Vietnam War, Persian Gulf War, and even now. They don’t get care from
    the Veterans Administration.”

  6. It is ROn Paul saying the most dangerous things in the most dangerous places even when it is unpopular.