Snoop Dogg gives love to Ron Paul on Facebook

Snoop Dogg (Calvin Broadus) is clearly a fan of two things: smoking the huffle puff puff pass, and the rap game. Since the last record he dropped in early 2011 is fading into distant memory, it seems he’s picked up a new hobby in the celebrity politics game instead. And who’s hotter to endorse on facebook and twitter this election season for bored celebrities than Ron Paul? (And marijuana, clearly).

Snoop’s message to his 13.9 million facebook fans:

Snoop doesn’t have the full lowdown on Ron Paul in his tongue-in-cheek photoshoppery, who we can confidently say has never recommended smoking weed every day but instead encourages a hands off approach by the federal government. “Why don’t we handle the drugs like we handle alcohol?” Paul asked rhetorically to the GOP audience when the question was posed to him in a late-November CNN debate.

Instead, it’s more likely that the California lovin’ rapper ran into the Ron [Paul] Swanson tumblr page over the weekend where a mashup of quotes from NBC’s Parks and Recreation character Ron Swanson collide with Ron Paul photos, making for hilarious results.

We’ll watch and see if this latest celebrity endorsement translates into a boost in record sales similar to American Idol Kelly Clarkson’s endorsement brouhaha, but we won’t hold our breath (unless it’s to hold in the smoke).

UPDATE: It would seem remiss not to point out that Snoop Dogg is getting even more political about the legalization of marijuana in the wake of his arrest in Sierra Blanca, Texas earlier this month. He has made recent public pleas to Obama, which have apparently gone unheard.

UPDATE II: Congrats to Buzzfeed, who won the traffic deluge from Drudge Report for their awesome reporting which consisted of posting of a facebook screenshot which was actually stolen from reddit (which was actually stolen from facebook, because screenshot). INTERNET, YOU ARE HIGH!

UPDATE III: The ensuing news circus is now Ron Paulizzle Twenty-twizzle special “attribution is fucked” edition

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. Good start for an endorsement, but Snoop Dogg should put his money where his mouth is then and max out a donation to the campaign, then go ahead and throw more money into a super PAC for Ron Paul or just for marijuana legalization efforts if that’s all he’s inclined to support financially.

    Unless he’s only trying to *look* cool instead of actually *acting* cool.

  2. Snoop knows that Ron Paul is fighting corruption. Liberty is the main message in a lot of underground hip hop.