Ron Paul won’t accept Secret Service, calls it “welfare”

Ron Paul was on Jay Leno Tuesday night where he explained that while he would gladly accept the nickname “bulldog” as his secret service designation, he does not need the Secret Service providing security on the campaign trail because of the cost, which he estimates at $50K per day per candidate. Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum have all accepted the protection, and Barack Obama also enjoys his own contingent of praetorian guards. It’s clear from Paul’s statements he will be making an issue of the raw cost of the security state in as many ways as possible in his quixotic campaign.
Paul also revealed he’s not all that concerned with his last place standing in the GOP delegate race, saying that a brokered convention could swing his way on a second ballot because “the second go-around, they can go with their conscience,” he said, “then, I believe, we’ll get a lot of the votes.” We’ll see.

Ron Paul fans may remember a few months ago when Saturday Night Live was spoofing all the GOP presidential hopefuls, they showed a fake Paul in a parking garage being abducted into a van, but moments later emerging victorious dusting off his hands after gunshots are seen and heard fired.
We’re pretty sure it would look something like that if anyone messed with Paul.