Ron Paul vs Mitt Romney campaign snapshots (again)

Mitt Romney today in a closed up drywall factory in Lorain, Ohio. The audience was just seven rows deep and could be about 300 at best:

Ron Paul campaigned yesterday at Cornell University (you might have heard of it) in Ithica, New York and packed 4400 into the basketball stands:

The New York primary is this upcoming Tuesday, so whatever in the world is Romney doing in Ohio avoiding large crowds, I’m sure the Paul campaign can thank him for letting this contest get away from him in rally sizes. From what we’ve heard on the grapevine, there’s more massive events for the Paul campaign coming up.

Meanwhile, Newt Gingrich is busy taking heat over his Secret Service security detail, which is costing taxpayers a cool $50K per day. Romney also enjoys a security detail while Ron Paul has called it a form of “welfare” which he eschews.

As for his campaign engagements, Gingrich showed up to a NY GOP dinner and all but sealed his fate by (ed- all but) endorsing Romney, yum. He has a rally scheduled tomorrow where he should hope none of his anti-Romney supporters have heard the big news.

  1. Mitt Romney supports the Project for the New American Century and the Foreign Policy Initiative, the think-tank which promotes: diplomatic, economic, and military engagement IN THE WORLD! Iraq was all lies, so is Iran. The media has a war to sell you, are you buying it? Mitt Romney even named his foreign policy plan a new American Century…HOW ORIGINAL! I am voting for Ron Paul! End the wars!

  2.  The GOP has no choice but to nominate Ron Paul. IF they don’t he will
    take a good portion of the GOP party with him to the independent party.
    Romney will have no chance to beat Obama with only part of his party
    behind him. So the RNC will have their hands tied and have to nominate
    RON PAUL or the election is lost before it is even started. Its not
    about how many delegates you have its about who can beat Obama…Warren
    Harding election all over again