Ron Paul pivots campaign, continues delegate hunt

In a surprise move today, Ron Paul’s presidential campaign has announced they will no longer be spending money campaigning in upcoming primary states, but will remain on the ballot. Instead the campaign is concentrating efforts on adding to their delegate tally and adamantly deny they are suspending anything.
Ron Paul’s campaign remains tight lipped about the strategy shift, only saying that more details would be released in the coming days. Many states have sent majorities for Ron Paul after his supporters showed incredible organizational prowess to show up en masse for local conventions and party meetings.
A current count of delegates from Wikipedia’s 2012 Republican Party presidential primaries page shows Ron Paul with 126 delegates, trailing Mitt Romney’s 788 delegates. A difference of 662.
Prior to the 2012 presidential campaign, Paul and his libertarian strategy people had been working diligently to erect twin organizations Campaign for Liberty and Young Americans for Liberty, which have paid off well as campus campaign rallies have dwarfed even Obama.
It appears that Mitt Romney will ultimately secure the Republican nomination after the confederacy of media dunces successfully conspired against Paul’s message of ending the Federal Reserve and reversing America’s aggressively interventionist foreign policy. Yet as the presidential front comes to a bitter end for Paul’s acolytes, we’re in for a new kind of ride as the campaign has other tricks up its sleeves with an under-documented ability to influence upcoming local and national elections.
Because of his tenacity and obvious support strength, Ron Paul has also undoubtedly earned a speaking spot at the Republican National Convention held in Tampa, Florida at the end of August. Probably some stuff about holding Romney’s feet to the fire as the GOP faithful get a good dose of reality about how little tolerance the people have left for big bad government from either party. But I get ahead of myself.
Ron Paul’s presidential campaign may be doing the lowered expectations dance because Romney has clenched the nomination (somewhat) fair and square — but don’t be surprised if the whole “revolution” thing uses this as an opportunity to shift their focus to more winnable fronts. Now comes the re-trenching in order to grow their organization into a libertarian movement to actually be reckoned with at the presidential representation level… but probably not until 2016.