Rick Santorum’s LULZ PARADE kicks off in New Hampshire

Hammer of Truth friends over at Free Keene, New Hampshire are doing awesome work making the statist scum Santorum’s ground campaign a parade of singing mockery. In this short clip, Rick Santorum can be seen smiling as he walks into the simple question of “The public wants to know, have you ever Googled yourself?” His smile quickly fades as he briskly walks the fuck away. Clearly the answer is yes.

We’re not sure what to expect next — as this is surely only the beginning of a more intense campaign of mockery and derision of the political status quo by libertarian activists in the free state — but we’re definitely laughing our asses off.

You can download the sheet music yourself for when the political sellout whores come to your town!

Christmas music all the way through July? Don’t bet against it.

UPDATE: Originally forgot to link to Rick Santorum’s website. That’s been fixed now, twice as good ;)

I highly recommend adding the blog to your reader.

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