Republicans allege election rigging in Pueblo, CO

Here’s the bombshell press release from Pueblo county GOP chairwoman Becky Mizel as forwarded to us:

The Pueblo County Republican Party with support of members of the Constitution Party and Democrat Party requested a recount on December 5th, 2012, due to the following areas of concern:

  • Critical election anomalies were observed in at least 25 precincts. Based on data posted on the Secretary of State’s web site identifying voter turn-out by Precinct and a report provided by Pueblo County Clerk’s office on active Mail in Ballots that were compared and found to have potential voter turnout to exceed 100% of the registered voters. It was verified by phone with both the Secretary of State and the Pueblo County Clerk’s office that this could not have occurred due to provisional ballots replacing mail in ballots. A sample of these precincts is attached. In attempt to further cross check these results, audit calls were made to these precincts, at least 6 voters in one precinct stated they had not voted which substantiated that the election results should be recounted.
  • Election data provided later differed from the canvassing board summary created by the Pueblo County Clerk’s office.
  • It was observed and reported to the County Clerk Gilbert Ortiz groups and individuals were observed picking up more than 10 mail-in ballots and delivering them to the County Clerk’s office. PCRP registered a complaint due to potential voter fraud. Mr. Ortiz stated he was aware this had occurred, to remedy this situation if a person delivered over 10 ballots he was having the individuals sign in on a sheet located at the election department. At the time of canvassing the Republican canvassing member asked to receive these lists of persons delivering more than 10 ballots. The Democrat canvass member stated, “This list is under investigation, so you may not have access to the lists”. No such investigation has been reported to the Secretary of State’s office to date nor is any record of the investigation available by the Pueblo County District Attorney.
  • The integrity of the chain of custody of main in ballots was not preserved. Mail- in ballots were seen being carried into Democrat headquarters. Ballots were being collected by door knocking. Two judges were not present at all times at drop off locations for mail in ballots. No system was in lace to detect if one individual dropped off more than 10 mails- in ballots over the course of the election.
  • It is the expectation the election department has limited access of individuals and security measures to protect voting machines, ballots and ballot processing. Mr. Ortiz gave the candidates a tour of the election department stating only limited personnel had access to keys to the election department. When various people were observed entering the election department after hours and through varying entrances that are not under video surveillance Mr. Ortiz later stated “All personnel have keys and access to the department”. During early voting, lights were observed on in the election department after hours of operation as late as 9:00PM to 11:00 PM at night with people inside the department to include cleaning crews file storage boxes were also seen leaving the department after hours. Upon inquiry of this breach of security, the county attorney’s office sent written notification housekeeping personnel were not allowed in the election department, Mr. Ortiz stated his staff cleaned the election office. Upon observation of the video surveillance cameras unsupervised cleaning crews were inside of the election department after working hours on at least two occasions. Furthermore, areas of the election department are not under camera surveillance to include a storage area where voting cartridges are stored. These oversights compromise the integrity and confidence of the voting public no matter what party affiliation.
  • Once a candidate is elected is our belief that they represent equally all the people. In the spirit of cooperation, Mr. Ortiz was put on notice on 11/21/12 that we planned to ask for a recount of the election so that he was not caught off guard. It is our belief that it was as beneficial to the County Clerk as it was to our candidates to conduct a recount given the questions. A great deal of research was done to attempt to determine what the cost would be as no guidance or help was provided from the County Clerk. The result was a $6,000-$8,000 price. We were prepared for it to be double that cost. The price to us was $29, 385. We checked the validity of this price through various sources and were told this price was not appropriate. PCRP filed the final recount request on 12/5.12Mr. Ortiz then informed us at 7:00 PM that we needed to have the money to his office at 5:00 PM on the 6th. Mr. Ortiz had known for two weeks that we planned to ask for a recount but found no need to give us any guidance on how we make this happen and represent all the people of Pueblo County.
  • These areas and other factors such as difficulties with poll watcher access prompted a recount request. These actions serve to disenfranchise election transparency and accountability by making fees for a recount unrealistic. A report of other county recount costs is attached as is a sample of the data that we sought to clarify.

According to a sampling of precincts, there is a major discrepancy in voter turnout (when non-voters are counted it goes well over 100%), which should be enough to raise eyebrows with the Colorado Secretary of State.

From my own personal investigation into the matter and speaking with several witnesses (who will gladly testify under oath, but fear reprisal if this investigation doesn’t take hold) they saw people loading mail-in ballots into cars and trucks at all hours of the night in the days prior to the election.

Worse, the people doing the “dirty deeds” were not even election officials, but complete unknowns that gladly flaunted the presence of security cameras.

Democrat Pueblo County Clerk Gilbert Ortiz has clearly showed a lax standard for ballot chain of custody and we’d love him to answer for it (again, we’ve gone after Republicans for the same scandals in the past).

We here at Hammer of Truth would love to see a formal inquiry launched into the matter. And to again be clear: if it were Republicans doing such dirty deeds, we’d be just as interested in a full investigation.

Becky Mizel, the Pueblo County GOP Chairwoman has being adamant that they aren’t trying to overturn the outcome (and indeed has conceded that Obama remains the president no matter the outcome here), but is seeking to ensure that there are elections free of impropriety now and in the future. She’s also claiming that a recount request was improperly handled, causing the GOP to miss the deadline.

[A full list of attached documents have been uploaded to Scribd as one file: The Pueblo County Attorney’s Office response for requested video tapes, a sampling of precincts showing OVER 100% TURNOUT (ye gads), and the cost of a full recount as requested by the Pueblo County GOP.]

  1. I have first hand knowledge about some of these issues. I guarantee there is voter fraud in Pueblo County. I will divulge the information when the time is right and to the proper people who can investigate this quagmire.

    The question is how do we fully expose this and what kind of repercussions can those of us who have knowledge and information should we expect? If those of us who know for sure of activity that would be fraud and illegal who can we depend on to have our backs?

    Right now several of us place no confidence in anyone within the Republican Party higher than those of us in Pueblo County who will have each others backs but that will not be enough. Can we depend on the State and National Republican Party to support us? Can we depend on the State Attorney General and Secretary of State to have our backs?

    Pueblo has a terrible reputation for thug politics going back over 100 years ago with the “Black Hand” the forerunner of the Mafia. This area was also infected with Ku Klux Klan (you read this right) operating from the Greenhorn Valley and Canon City. There were various other secret groups who have one way or another influenced thug politics in this region.

    Please read the attachments. Pay careful attention to the press release and the voter turnout data. The data is very interesting when voter turnout plus returned mail in ballots of registered voters exceed 100%. How about the irrefutable evidence of people entering and exiting the County Elections Headquarters after hours?

    Folks, we have a problem. Now we need to determine – how do we expose the corruption?

    I can speak with authority about consequences when a citizen presses Gilbert Ortiz (D), Pueblo County Clerk and Recorder, about voter registration fraud and the violation of the limit on hand delivering no more than 10 mail in ballots. I have experienced his revenge twice, neither pleasant. He did warn me if I kept pushing him there would be consequences. He is good for his word as he “got even” using his public office and I am good for mine.

    Please pass this email forward to just as many people as possible whether they live in Pueblo County or not. Those who are brave and bold enough to finally take on the Pueblo County political machine that has locked down Pueblo for well over 100 years need all the help and protection from publicity they can get. No one has ever taken them on before so this is breaking brand new ground with no historical precedent to study.

  2. I personally don’t know to what degree this is happening in Pueblo or any other county in Colorado but I have noticed several instances that stink of corruption and need to be looked into and Pueblo is no exception. For instance, whole districts that voted almost 100% for Obama or 99% absentee votes for Obama? Now take a minute to let that sink into your brain… Have you ever in your lifetime seen 100% of any vote with essentially ZERO for the opponent? Take a look at this and you’ll see what is going on not just here in Colorado but around the country. To stop this, I think we need stricter voting laws so anyone caught fraudulently tampering with the vote would get an automatic 10 year FEDERAL prison term without parole. We need random callback checking on all mail-in ballots say 1 in 5 votes anything over 1% discrepancy of the total would call for an automatic verbal check on every mail-in ballot and if that person said they didn’t vote then that vote would be stricken. We also need to insure our service men and women get their vote counted even if we have to postpone the results for weeks. These men and women are fighting, dying and getting scarred for life so we have these freedoms. The least we could do is count their votes and stand up for their rights as well as our own. Why am I being so strict? They are stealing yours and my votes. They are taking away our rights as a United States citizens, our freedom of speech, they’re stealing from our families just as if they walked into our house and stole property at gunpoint.

    Some people are putting their necks out to stop this thievery and we need to make sure they get the help they need. I’m not the person they need other than I can give my support but they need real help from some conservative group(s) that can do them some good. If there is anyone out there you know willing to look into this seriously, thank you in advance? I’ve written Congressman Doug Lamborn just after the election asking what congress is going to do about all of the cheating and I got complete silence for an answer but I’m only one person. So, somehow we need to put the pressure on so someone in congress will act, maybe something like a quick response team…A handpicked group of conservatives that would react to something like this? Nah, stupid idea forgive me for mentioning it…

    So, read this, take a look at the statistics we’re given and call, write, email, Facebook, tweet or whatever to get Pueblo and the rest of us some help solving this problem and if you’ve got personal emails of those in high places, let them know how we feel.

  3. Gilbert Ortiz is a disgusting piece of shit that needs to be frogmarched out of office in cuffs.