Race thinking vultures descend on Florida shooting

These opportunistic race thinkers always gotta get their camera time, don’t they? The lines are blurry when they ensconce themselves in journalist trappings, yet the agenda of rubbing salt in a fresh wound makes them memorable. The riddle of what really happened that day George Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin has taken a perversely racist twist where we have to be reminded by opportunistic retailers hawking “Hoodies Don’t Kill, People with Guns Do”. I’m positive we’ll eventually hear about someone else getting shot while wearing one of those.

Bizarrely, the worst of it isn’t the crass retailers, but politicians and professional pundits who now have to be sure to stoke the embers to make this a proper media circus revolving around race:

Still, a coalition of race-baiters is attempting to exploit Martin’s death to further the collective victimization agenda and stoke more hatred. Citing — bizarrely enough — the non-existent “First Amendment” right to “free movement” and “free access,” Rep. Sheila Jackson (D-Texas) called the case a “civil rights” issue that needed to be dealt with by the federal government.

And federal investigators — encouraged by politicians, celebrities, and race profiteers — are reportedly probing the case in hopes of securing a “hate crime” prosecution. While the anti-constitutional statute would not have even been considered relevant in this case a few years ago, in 2009, Obama signed another unconstitutional law expanding the federal government’s purported jurisdiction over state crimes potentially motivated by “hate.”

Under the new statute, more categories of “hate” victims — homosexuals and transgender people, for example — were added to the list of federally protected groups. And a previous requirement that victims of “hate” be engaged in so-called “federally protected” activities like going to government school was dropped, opening the door to an even wider array of usurpations of state and local matters by the federal government.

But attorney Daryl Parks, who represents Martin’s family, said a federal “hate” prosecution would be “a challenge, to put it lightly,” adding that a state-level case would have a better chance of succeeding. “Most state laws tend to be better for the prosecution of state crimes,” he told the board of the National Association of Black Journalists, noting that federal prosecutors could not get involved unless there was a definite racial component to the case.

“I think the focus is not necessarily a federal arrest over a state arrest,” Parks said. “We want an arrest, period. And I think that the state aspect of that is the one that’s most feasible, most attainable in this matter.”

Meanwhile, controversial U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder would probably attract another firestorm of criticism if his badly tainted department attempted to trump state jurisdiction and pursue a “hate-crime” case — especially after failing to prosecute the New Black Panthers for blatant voter intimidation and well-documented civil rights violations. Holder is also under congressional investigation for trafficking guns to Mexican cartels in the Fast and Furious scandal and for an ongoing cover-up that could see him held in contempt.

All that aside, the bigger picture here is the opportunistic attitude of this administration that so deftly speaks from both sides of their mouths.

On one hand they are literally selling automatic weapons to drug cartels, who then of course go door to door selling girl scout cookies. No, they use them to mercilessly machine gun down any opponents.

These are the people the DOJ is actually used to dealing with, with their awful policies of assassinations, invasions and expansion of the empire at all costs. They see that race relations are being disturbed by a few clever clowns and we get to see them stick their hypocritical fingers in the mess.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see this case kicked up to a federal charge just to give the people a good national show trial to distract from all the very real, mass deaths of teens and more abroad. After all Florida is good at those.

I wonder if they’ll categorize the massacre in Afghanistan by that soldier as a hate crime? I wonder how much more money an Afghan family gets paid if a rampaging soldier was also racist? I doubt the government would ever acknowledge a “hate crime” aspect to every racist war we’ve engaged in abroad, so we shouldn’t readily accept the fallacious argument here. But they do apparently pay $48,000 more.

Trayvon Martin’s death was tragic, but simply locking Zimmerman up (and calling him racist) isn’t just compensation to the family for their grievous loss.

UPDATE: Spike Lee retweeted a physical address, which informed his followers of Zimmerman’s supposed current address. Turns out he was wrong and now some unrelated couple in their 50s (also named Zimmerman) 70s (have a son named Zimmerman) is living in fear that some retard will burn their house down in the night or whatever. I’m not sure what Lee was even trying to accomplish, but it was terribly reckless of him and I now consider him a noob.

People need to take a step back and let actual professional detectives and investigators do what they do when people get murdered and build a proper case, against a defendant I am very sure they are keeping tabs on.

Or you know, just keep harassing some innocent folks by mailing them letters that say “taste the rainbow”. Ha.

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. Yes the Martin case is bringing out the usual sideshow, but I think its important to remember, that like a stopped clock, these guys can occasionally be right.  This is no Jena 6 fiasco.  An unarmed black kid was gunned down in cold blood by some racist jackass and the police dont seem to be interested.  Perhaps there are some new exonerating details that will emerge, but this story has been covered in great depth for two weeks or so, and its only getting worse.  I have no more sympathy with the professionally aggreived than you do, but this is perhaps not the best bone to pick with them.