Protect and serve; Not harass, detain and arrest

The tea party grassroots movement has had a very positive impact on El Paso County and Colorado Springs, Colorado politics and the liberty of citizens.

Both Colorado Springs and El Paso County are certainly a combined emerging metropolis that is bucking all the socialists trends. The grassroots organizations and people there have been very active, successful and in your face about taking their city and county back. I live in an adjoining county and did live in Colorado Springs prior to moving to Pueblo County. If the SHTF El Paso County and Colorado Springs may become a good bug out location. Pueblo County, with a failed socialist government and a political socialist Democrat political machine, will be one of the socialist enclaves where liberty loving people will flee.

Colorado Springs now has a Police Chief who who believes in protecting and serving, not harassing, detaining and arresting. The leftist Police Chief of Colorado Springs was fired by the new Mayor, Bach, a rogue undercover cop operation was disbanded and the red light revenue generating ticket cameras were removed. Mayor Bach is a very fiscally responsible and responsive to the citizens, not a political boss. He has rooted out government rot and continues to do so. There have been those in power who are appointed and in civil service who are not gone.

Here is Peggy Littleton, El Paso County Commissioner, and El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa speaking to the Constitutional Sheriffs Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) in Las Vegas, NV about protecting individual liberty and what is being done by them. This is an organization of Sheriffs and Peace Officers who take their oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States very seriously.

From the video description:

El Paso County Commissioner Peggy Littleton shares with the sheriffs and peace officers in attendance on Monday how she and her board developed and passed their resolution to nullify indefinite detention prescribed in the National Defense Authorization Act passed Jan 2012. Littleton tells the history of how the pre 1930’s German democratic republic and its demise inspired she and Kim Green (of Freedom Action Coalition Team or FACT) to draft protections of habeus corpus and civil liberties.

El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa, who supports the nullification measure, explains how prior to the current board of commissioners he felt he stood alone, when it came to upholding the people’s liberties. Maketa explains how and why he swears in, himself, all of his deputies and, in an unusual move, his civilian staff as well. Maketa also shares his account of how and why he ceased performing random vehicle checkpoints.

On January 30-31, 2012 over 100 county sheriffs and peace officers, from over 30 states, united to uphold their oaths of office, protect citizen liberty, and stop state and federal tyranny. Inspired and led by the example of former Graham County Arizona Sheriff Richard Mack, the meeting, which was held in Las Vegas, was funded by the generous donations of thousands of Americans from all fifty states, as well as the support of freedom loving sponsors.

The agenda included training on the Bill of Rights, Interposition, Nullification and the importance of Property Rights versus Privileges. Many sheriffs, a police chief and even a county commissioner shared their experiences, challenges and actions taken to uphold their oaths of office, directly with the sheriffs in attendance.

The videos of these presentations are shared here on the County Sheriff Project YouTube channel. We hope that you will share these videos with your own county sheriff and all the oath takers in your county. To read the meeting agenda, see the event sponsors, learn more and show your own support for helping back more constitutional county sheriffs, visit

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  1. Good job, Colorado Springs! Finally getting around to cleaning out your political trash.

    This sounds awesome, way better than that jackass sheriff in Maricopa County, Arizona. He can wave the Obama birth certificate report all he wants, but he’s still a nazi roadblocking retard.