Pro-Zimmerman graffiti at Ohio State campus


Disgustingly scrawled in silver spray paint on the side of Ohio State University’s Hale Hall (home to the Frank W. Hale Jr. Black Cultural Center and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion). A video posted online by The Lantern shows it getting what it deserves: scrubbed away with solvents.

All sorts are now trying to stir up the flames of racial division, which of course leads to the street level provocateurs of property destruction — the calling card of professional haters.

I’m not really surprised this is in Ohio since we seem to have quite a few racist jackoffs up here. Most of them don’t have the guts to strut around with a sign and have to resort to this kind of childish behavior. Even more childish seems to be the comments the video is attracting.

Ugh, moving on.

  1. I’m just an audio guy.. I make no claims to anything else.

    I took the 911 call with the most audio informatiion regarding screams, pulled down some of the louder noises (the actual shot and a few times the woman caller gets a bit loud) so they don’t hurt you while listening to the softer noises… Then ran it at a slower speed and pitch corrected it 100 percent true. Anyone with an ear for music can tell not a note has been changed.. Digital affords you this luxury. In the analog days we had to physically slow the tape/medium down and you lose pitch and clarity.

    THIS AUDIO IS NOT ENHANCED per sey.. not like enhancing a photo.. the only enhancing has been to adust volume levels so you don’t hurt your ear listening to everything at relative volume levels.

    There are a few swirling artifacts in this copy because I had to compres the wav file to a 128 kbps mp3 to fit on my page so you had a player to hear it on.. These artifacts are slight and will not distract.

    This exercise is just a way to access the call and hear things you would not of as easily (but every bit of audio information from the original is still there) just listening to the raw recording. Akin to slowing down video without the frame per second limitations.

  2. Graffiti has become so common, now even a major US corporation has gotten into the act.  Spray-painted graffiti advertising by Coca-Cola appeared on sidewalks during the NCAA Men’s Final Four event.  The graffiti was done with a commercial paint designed to hold up for several weeks at outdoor construction projects. The act was performed in violation of city ordinances.   Is your community the next target?  Join me in telling Coke we don’t want more graffiti.  Visit  Graffiti hurts!  Let’s tell Coke to stop defacing our neighborhoods.