Obama vows restraint in use of new terror powers

I am relieved Dear Leader in the White House has assured us we have nothing to worry about when it comes to the military indefinitely detaining “home grown terrorists” (citizens) within our borders. It is a relief to now know the Dictator and Military Commander in Chief is going to protect the Constitution from people like him abusing his power, even possibly making the Constitution just another document with no meaning. He is now the champion of the Bill of Rights and individual liberty. I was beginning to have deep reservations about his true intentions as President, even thought he may want to fundamentally transform our nation from a Constitutional Republic to a communist totalitarian system.
It now appears 2012 will be a good year. Folks, no need to worry any longer. If you have been preparing for calamity you can now breathe easier, even begin to use up your stockpile of food and fuel. Don’t worry about buying those additional firearms and ammo, you won’t need it. We now have the President supporting and defending the Constitution.
All we need now is jobs and a thriving economy. That will happen in time as green marxism catches fire and we get rid of evil fossil fuels. Dear Leader and his underlings are working hard to pick winners and losers in the economy. We also no longer have to be concerned about the education of our children or grandchildren. We can just turn them over to the government and the union educators will take care of that for us especially with more money scheduled to be spent on education by Colorado even with the State Constitutional constraints on how money is to be raised. It appears they may be able to increase taxes without ballot initiatives. That too, is OK. It wastes our time and the lawmakers, legislatures, regulators and enforcers have more perfect information than we have so they know best. That pesky TABOR amendment is now dead with the recent decision of a hand picked Colorado Judicial Circuit Court judge has decided the Governor and State Legislature has done it all wrong in balancing the budget for the past few years at the whim of a few leftist activists who believe they know what is best.
In Pueblo County we no longer have to be concerned about voting on tax or bond initiatives. A new method to raise money without us having to do that pesky chore, voting, has been discovered by the wise and fearless County Commission. We owe a big thank you to the Honorable Jeff Chostner, the Honorable Anthony Nunez and the Honorable John Cordova. They have been called the Three Stooges and that is insulting to them. They are more like the Marx Brothers. Certificates of Participation, to raise unlimited funds for such projects as the great palace now known as the Judicial Complex. Thank goodness they are using only union labor to build the Complex, estimated to cost between $51 million and $60 million because we all know common construction workers are completely unqualified to do such a project. Thank goodness our leaders know to use only highly qualified and skilled certified union labor because using non-union labor workers would be dangerous to public safety, even catastrophic. Aren’t we slow learners.
I have more good news. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, Sen. Udall, Sen. Bennett, Governor Hickenlooper, Colorado State Agricultural Director John Salazar and a slew of other very important and knowledgeable people much smarter and educated than common citizens recently pow-wowed at Adams State College in Alamosa, the San Luis Valley, to formulate a plan for a huge Hispanic National Park in Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado to acknowledge, enshrine and celebrate an identified ethnic group, who have endured centuries of discrimination, for their heritage and contributions to our nation. They want to include Mexicans in this plan with Hispanics, Latinos, Chicanos, Criollos, Mestizos, even those who reside here without proper documentation. I believe they have reached a consensus that even evil old whiteys (AKA Tea Party which means Tax Evading Anglos), radical right wing extremists clinging to their guns and Bibles, and other ethnic and racial groups can visit the park once it is open. What a windfall, living in Southern Pueblo County will put me within walking distance because Huerfano County is included in the plan and I live about 1/2 mile from the Huerfano County line. What a blessing as time passes and vehicles become more cost prohibitive to own and drive. Now we will have a new gadzillion dollar park for the people we can use when Dear Leaders give us permission.
Now I can go about my business of being retired after having been up against the wall all my life making a living. It is comforting and soothing to know government money will flow to my family for retirement and all my medical needs will be taken care of because Obama Care is being implemented and as I get older it will be free for all of us including my children and grandchildren. What a wonderful socialist country our great Dear Leader is building for us with the collaboration of our elected and appointed officials.
There is so much more to write but I don’t know where to begin. Dear Leader and his band of Wonderful People have everything under control, including the Iran problem as well as those pesky Israeli Jews. Hopefully they will give Israel to the Religion of Peace for their use and banish Jews forever. Isn’t the Jew problem the root of all our problems? Maybe the Christian problem needs to be addressed soon. Be patient, it will as we become more secular and atheist. What a country. All it will take is for us to trust and obey our leaders.