Obama campaign logo in a beer

Spotted at the Washington Examiner:

Eric Reif, Senior Advertising Manager at Obama for America reposted the photo to his tumblr blog and wrote, “Witnessed this happen. It was magical.”

Beer consumed in massive quantities does make people stupistitious, which is ultimately great branding for Obama/Biden because he’s going to need lots of drunk and stupid people voting against their neighbor’s and own recreational drug interests a second time. The message is loud and clear: Keep drinking, democrats.

I’ll remind the Obama staffers that perhaps if their boss didn’t so rudely discriminate against a cousin of the Hop then their jobs would be so much easier when not posting silly beer photos.

  1. It would be a good omen if it means the Obama staff are getting drunk all the time and not able to mount a campaign that can stave off the Ron Paul onslaught. Drink up gentlemen!