New York City map of 2011 gun seizures

It’s the mothafuckin’ NYPD,
in the land of the mothafuckin’ unfree,
violating 685,000 of you me and… thee,
to get 770 dangerous guns off the streets.
Hit the baseline WNYC:

Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly argue the main purpose of stop-and-frisk is to get guns off the street. Out of more than 685,000 stops in 2011, about 770 guns were recovered. That means about one tenth of one percent of all stops result in the seizure of a gun.
But those guns are not showing up in the places where the police are devoting the most stop-and-frisk resources.
Using data from the New York City police department, WNYC mapped all street stops by police that resulted in the recovery of a gun last year. The digital map shows an interesting pattern. We located all the “hot spots” where stop and frisks are concentrated in the city, and found that most guns were recovered on people outside those hot spots—meaning police aren’t finding guns where they’re looking the hardest.

Hardest hit: the poorest areas of black and latino communities,
excuse my uncanny truth rhyming abilities,
I’m not an entitled man here to tax your facilities,
but fight this shit and I guarantee some tranquilities.
Prohibition does nothing but make a thing proliferate,
and so the net is clearly widening as we wait,
so why do we continue to vocally deliberate,
when all we need to do is re-liberate?
From Cleveland, with the Constitutional educate