LIVEBLOG: Danville Kentucky CPD VP debate

From time to time, here at Hammer of Truth one of us will liveblog a debate or something. This is what it looks like.

On Thursday October 11th 2012, Democrat Vice President Joe Biden met with Republican nominee Congressman Paul Ryan to lay into each other in the new public blood sport democratic process of getting to know our next-in-line to commander in chief. Romney/Ryan are still trailing far behind Obama in projected electoral vote counts, but walked away with a national poll bounce from the Denver performance (mostly due to Obama’s apparent boredom). Jim Gray, the Libertarian Party vice-presidential candidate was not invited to attend due to not meeting the required 15% threshold.

An official transcript of the debate can be found here.

All times are in Eastern Daylight Time.

12:30AM (10/12): The Judge Jim Gray debate response livestream archive seems to have been made private for unknown reasons. I’ve reached out to the Johnson campaign to see what’s going on and will let everyone know what we find out. Unfortunately I was busy with the Biden/Ryan debate and have no idea if Jim Gray performed well or not, so I’ll reserve judgement for the moment (others aren’t so kind).

10:30PM: Liveblog portion over, here’s a link to Judge Jim Gray’s live responses (will archive shortly), which should be a source of entertainment to anyone disappointed with either of these D/R VP candidates.

10:21PM: Are either of you embarrassed by the “tone” of negative ads? Biden metaphorically waves a flag for the troops, then smacks Romney around for the 47% thing again. I think he’s missed the point.

Ryan proceeds to do the same thing. Wonderful bipartisanship.

10:15PM Candidates asked about their religious faith. Oh great, the wedge issue of abortion. Ryan says don’t kill babies in America (but gleefully kill them in the Middle East??) *barf*

Biden answers in the affirmative that he’s going to dodge this issue by claiming he’s Catholic pro-life but wouldn’t impose that on anyone else. But he’ll impose death? Yep. Another two-faced fucker.

10:14PM: Ryan asks what his criteria is for waging war. Answers, “strategic national interests of our country” which is diplomatic code for “resources”.

10:08PM: Now on Syria; Biden still angry; Biden wants you to know if it blows up and wrong people gain control the whole region is fucked. Let’s bomb, but not put American boots on the ground. Yes, that wins wars (not). “We are doing it exactly like we need to do to blah blah blah Sunni Shiite regional war. Pew pew pew, shoot more brown people with drones.”

10:03PM: Now Biden is arguing with the moderator over the effectiveness of the surge (bringing them home during the “fighting seasons”). Biden angry, drink.

9:59PM: Biden on Afghanistan: “We are leaving in 2014, period.” This all goes out the window if the U.S. is attacked again, mark my words.

9:57PM: Ryan on Afghanistan withdrawal: “We agree with the administration on their 2014 transition.”

9:53PM: Ryan mentions Reagan/O’Neal bipartisanship… drink. Biden hits him over the head that he’s not giving specifics on what he would cut to pay for tax cuts (Ryan says close loopholes on high-income people for about the 5th time). Ryan is being ambushed by the moderator again. “How you do the math?”

Ryan will NOT cut the budget to defense, puts that on democrats. I doubt either will cut defense anytime soon.

9:50PM: Ryan is now debating the moderator for not being able to give specifics on his tax cut proposal. WHAT. THE. FUCK.

9:47PM: Time for dueling tax cuts, I guess no one’s going to pay for the wars and deficits.

9:43PM Biden asks on medicare/social security, “folks use your common sense, who do you trust on this?” Seriously, tell us in the comments, we’re curious.

9:42PM: Ryan offers “voluntary choice.” Bwahahahahaha. Who believes this crap?

9:40PM: Ryan tries to claim his medicare plan has bipartisan support and Biden is shooting down every name he brings up. Good thing government employees have their own medical plan when us suckers get the shitty end of these forced “plans”.

9:36PM: Ryan wants to “fix” medicare, points out that Obamacare raided medicare to fund itself. He’s right that the spending can’t continue. Biden asks seniors to ask themselves if medicare isn’t better today, and I think I heard a bunch of old people laugh.

“Imagine where all those seniors would be now if their money was in the market.” Probably not in an awful position given QE1-3 dumping money into the market.

9:33PM: Biden smacks Ryan for asking for money from stimulus funds that were also wasted. Haha, woops.

9:32PM: Ryan bringing up the undeniable fact: Obama had one-party control for two years. Chose to enact health care laws and bail outs, unemployment shot up anyways. Score one for Ryan.

9:29PM: All these stats flying around, fact-checkers are going to have a hell of a time tonight.

9:26PM: Biden talking about tax cuts that Democrats are enacting (what, where? Wasn’t obamacare declared the largest tax ever by the supreme court?) Ryan hits him over the head by quoting 8.25% unemployment in Scranton, PA vs 10% today. Biden grins, then crosses his arms when he has to listen for another two minutes instead of respond.

9:25PM: Biden getting angry, bringing up that Romney “47%” quote. Everyone drink.

9:22PM: They are arguing over who is “more credible” to bomb a country that has not been aggressive towards the United States or our allies and is merely accused of trying to pursue a nuclear bomb (no word on North Korea’s actual successful program). Take a moment to swallow the implications of this from outside the US.

9:20PM: Biden is good friends with Netanyahu, calls him BB. I guess being part of the president’s “Team Cool USA” means everyone gets a celebrity rapper name, like P Diddy.

9:14PM: Ryan talks about credibility on Iran, working out sanctions and putting a military option on the table. Claims Obama doesn’t have credibility on militarism. Biden grins.

9:11PM: Should America apologize for peeing on Korans in Gitmo and Abu Ghraib? Ryan: “Oh heck yes.” But we shouldn’t apologize for American values.

Hmmm… what values are we known for these days? Militarism and empire (not said in debate).

9:00PM: Right out the gate Biden is asked about the Benghazi Libya embassy attacks where an ambassador and three Americans were killed. Biden immediately chastised Romney/Ryan for making a political issue of the matter and Ryan fired back by saying the Obama response was “weak”. Biden went on to respond that the Ryan budget would cut defense spending, calling all of Ryan’s previous points “malarkey” (which came off as “smarmy”).

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