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From time to time, here at Hammer of Truth one of us will liveblog a debate or something. This is what it looks like.

On Wednesday October 3rd 2012, Democrat President Barack Obama squared off against challenger Republican Mitt Romney to lay into each other in the new public blood sport democratic process of getting to know our next commander in chief. Romney has been trailing far behind Obama in projected electoral vote counts, so we’ll see if the economy, healthcare, and rule of law questions will work in his favor or against him. Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party candidate was not invited to attend despite apparent growing support and a lawsuit against the CPD due to not meeting the required 15% threshold.

An official transcript of the debate can be found here.

All times are in Mountain Daylight Time.

6:55PM: Jim Lehrer had his chair pushed in for him… aww, how sweet of his boyfriend assistant.

7:00PM: Opening remarks on the economy by both candidates, Obama is more interested in making sure we keep looking For war (d) instead of at the past four years of his record. Romney comes out and has a five point plan that focuses on business, but is more about making hay of Obama’s large government programs.

7:08PM: Obama rebuts by saying we need more spending on education.

7:11PM: Obama going after Romney on tax issues. Romney rebuts with “economy tax” that Obama is crushing people with.

7:12PM: Romney “I like coal”. He wants to cut taxes.

7:16PM: Red tie/blue tie, they are both empty suits and we’re officially declaring this debate a loss for America. Why the hell didn’t they invite Gary Johnson?

7:17PM: Romney saw a study on taxes, he’s seen lots of studies. Well then.

7:21PM: Lehrer notes that we’re way over the 15 minute time limit for this segment. Romney starts talking about the price of gas. Obama wants to change the subject.

Man, I wish I could power my car with the hot air these two are spewing.

7:24PM: Obama is getting beat up on taxes, no one’s talking about the Federal Reserve and their hidden tax through inflation. Time for everyone to yell at each other give Obama hope that Romney is looking as stupid as he is on the economic issues.

7:28PM: Romney says Obama doubled the federal debt, which is only off by a factor of 40% (he didn’t double it, but he did increase it substantially). Obama once again dodged it with some mumbo jumbo speak about spending cuts that haven’t had much effect.

7:35PM: Obama wants to raise taxes on the rich (Exxon Mobile, private jets). Yay, let’s continue discouraging middle class people from working hard to become rich.

7:36PM: Apparently Romney will not be asking why someone “depending” on the government can have thirty free cell phones. Damn.

7:59PM: Had to bang my head against the wall for 20 minutes to make myself dumb enough to continue watching this sham of a “debate”.

8:06PM: Obama poking fun at Romney’s plan to “repeal and replace” Obamacare. He seems to no longer mind that the plan that he passed has his name all over it. Romney bringing up the “death panels” but instead calls them an “unelected board” of fifteen bureaucrats who are doing the deciding for doctors.

8:09PM: Obama once again saying Romney hasn’t put out an alternative government-run healthcare plan, immediately tips his hand that he’s read enough of that “plan without details” to be able to critique it.

8:11PM: Romney invokes Ronald Reagan’s bipartisanship with Tip O’Neill — that ought to make some Republicans jizz themselves.

8:13PM: Role of government – Obama says, “the first role of the federal government is to keep the American people safe.”

He’s wrong, it’s to safeguard the liberty of the American people.

8:19PM: Romney says, “the role of government: look behind us [at the wall of the debate], the constitution and the bill of rights. Protect life liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. Romney at least has the presence to pay lip service to the constitution even as he advocates merely a slightly less intrusive approach to government.

8:21PM: Obama thinks the role of government is to safeguard your ability to get a student loan (that you can’t default on) through the government backed loans with banks. Romney asserts that he wouldn’t change that, then launches on a tangent about Obama’s spurious spending on green energy jobs.

8:24PM: Lehrer notes legislative government is in gridlock, like it’s a bad thing.

8:25PM: Romney promises leadership, Obama promises Romney would have a tough first day even trying to repeal Obamacare.

Obama reminds us he’s the leader who killed Bin Laden. Ha. Part of leadership is saying no, claims Romney wasn’t even stand up to extreme parts of Republican Party.

8:29PM: CLOSING STATEMENTS – Obama: Denver! Americaaaaaa! Jobs! Closing loopholes! Everyone playing by the same rules! I’ve kept my promises!

Romney: Denver. Americaaaaaaaa! Look at his record, look at my record. Promises 12 million new jobs, higher incomes. Repealing Obamacare and letting states enact their own (Alabamacare? Yikes). Keep American military strong, support middle class.

8:33PM: Finally over, let’s all hope these two get abducted by benevolent aliens.

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