Libertarians: revenge of the nerds!

In my travels across this great land of ours, I’ve had the fun and sometimes not-so-fun occasion to stumble across this chasm of human oddity. In these travels, I’ve met more scientifically gifted minds in libertarian circles (computers, finance, world’s smallest political quiz takers, and for Carl Milstead the world’s most retro) than in government officials.

Anecdote: I once pub crawled with The Lakewood city fire chief whose one of many priorities was securing funds for a faster boat during the epic downturn of recent yore. He was a proper chap though and just wants to do his job as best as he understands the system presented to him.

Inappropriate Anecdote: Somewhere along the line at one of the seedier bars with stovetop shoved in a closet gigs, I had the worst urge to manifest porcelain and expel the terrible gut-wrenching fiasco of fully digested nachos and previous night’s round of beers. All without recourse to a proper bathroom. I truly felt bad for the stranger who walked in while the devastation of a slight buzz and lack of giving a fuck gave way to absurd relief.

Where was I, not on human oddity, but the libertarian nerd.

The best minds of Silicon Valley have donated to Ron Paul and/or Gary Johnson in substantial donations. The needle of the techno-libertarianism boiler is starting to show signs of legitimate life. But even that the mass of money dumped is no comparison to what’s flowing to Obama, then Romney. The techno-fascists overwhelmingly control the lifeblood of currency in the current era, which may end when Bitcoin finally comes out of it’s poking and prodding stage among the geek intelligentsia.

You see, there’s gold on the internet. People are mining and trading bitcoins on computer devices and it’s really not complicated if you know how codestuff works. Some of you may not, I forgive (PS- don’t be anyone’s tech support bitch for free, buy a lunch and lots of beer for your nerd friends).

This is the true techno-libertarianism. They’re complete weirdos for even trying to institute a free market in the midst of totalitarianism, missing the fact that the planners are the ones trying to institute a hilariously inept outpost in the midst of an enormous thicket of uncharted jungle, writhing with snarling[citation needed] anarchist snakes (even some within the government, who incidentally, are already looking out for number one).

To counteract this structural failure (read your history books, it’s a god damn comedy of errors) governments, tyrants and petty kings forcefully push their narratives of misdirection and fear. Divide and conquer at home and abroad is how we all hang separately. This cyclical game is eternally rigged in our favor though, as fortune favors the bold, not the status quo with its clay feel.

I’m betting big on the day we’ll get our revenge of the nerds with the cryptocurrency to temporarily save the world yet again. I’ll be pushing all the chips in, as they say.

Disclaimer: I’m not giving buy or sell advice to anyone, just ranting on my (hilariously inept) blog thing.

Stephen VanDyke

I've published HoT along with about 300+ friends since 2002. We're all Americans who are snarky and love our country. I'm a libertarian that registered Republican because I like to win elections. That's pretty much it.

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