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Dear members,
ADDENDUM: To see our fitful progress, there is always the log.
Many of you might have noticed that the number of links posts is dwindling: this is true. Many of you might have noticed that only a small handful of our 150 writers even bothers to write articles and hardly ever post links: this is also true. Many of you might take this as a sign that we’re some kind of abject failure since our relaunch in 2010: this is absolutely wrong.

We’ve come a long way in the year and half since our relaunch, and we’re going a hell of a lot further this time. Some of you may not want to get on the boat until our track record is further proven, and I have no problem with that. Those who have consistently posted articles in the past and present will undoubtedly have a head start.
I’m continuing to make code improvements here at Hammer of Truth and cross-promoting at our other network sites like our massive entertainment hub earsucker. One thing that has become apparent to me is the libertarian political audience is roughly 1/10th the size of the celebrity/Hollywood audience. This shouldn’t really be surprising since less than half of registered voters typically bother voting, and of that, it is evident that less than half are actively seeking out political news.
This is why we tout ourselves as political infotainment, to capture this wider spectrum into the libertarian fold in what ways we can.
In the coming months we will continue to improve areas of the site we feel are important to members and readers alike, like stats integration (part of which will include an updated front page and article page), individualized user profiles, more polish around the rough edges (plenty of that), and last but not least a transparent system for paying you for your enlightened words through the solitary ad we display on all our pages. We have made a little bit of money so far that is being put aside. I have been abstaining from profit-taking since our relaunch and will continue to do so until an equitable system paying everyone for their contributions (artistry, writing, coding or otherwise) is in place.
All in all though, I expect notoriety is what most of our members seek, and in that regard nothing will change: Those that put in the time and effort will continue to see that time and effort rewarded. The only major difference will be our improvements at sorting through the stats data.
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