George Clooney arrested in D.C.

Actor George Clooney was arrested this morning in Washington, D.C. for protesting the criminal happenings in Sudan. This cause is close to Clooney’s heart in that he has already filmed a documentary about the violence the people have suffered there, at the hands of their own government. The government has been trying to wipe out the population there, forcing the residents to flee from the Nuba Mountains to caves.

Clooney tried to bring light to the cause, protesting on the steps of the Sudan embassy. With his father and twelve other people, he was arrested and taken to the local jail.

He has since bailed out of jail for the cost of $100.00, but the message is out there. Kudos to George for once again bringing the world’s spotlight onto a devastated country that needs it.

Read more about Clooney’s stance on the war crimes in Sudan and see video footage of his arrest here.


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