Gary Johnson anti-bipartisan ad has subliminal message

Libertarian candidate for president Gary Johnson’s campaign have now twice — and we expect more — inserted subliminal statements into a lightning strike b-roll of DC’s Washington monument. Previously, the words “1776 KICKS 1984’s ASS” were blipped by, but now this time Johnson’s message is that he’s taking no duff from the other major parties on the “wasted vote” syndrome invoked every four years against third party contenders.

In the video, Johnson tells voters, “For those of you worried I’ll take votes away from the Democrat and to those of you worried I’ll take votes away from he Republican, I say good.”

“They deserve to lose your vote. Take as many votes as possible away from the people in both parties keeping us in a state of perpetual war, increasing unsustainable debt, record joblessness, and a bipartisan economic death wish ruining America for 330,000,000 of us.” That’s some pretty powerful rhetoric.

Added to the end of the latest one, “Obamney is the new Bradgelina.” I of course deduct points for getting it wrong, but it’s a great pop culture shot across the bow of The Obamney: Failboat 2012.

More, please!

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. If we really support truth, we’ll realize that there isn’t enough difference between Obamney and Romna and vote for what we believe in.  Vote Gov. Johnson, our only real choice.