Gary Johnson ad: “Be Libertarian with me” one election

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson released a very well done web ad this week which has a distinctly Anonymous influence in its delivery and content, minus the usual voice synthesis. In the ad, he implores everyone with a pair of eyes smart enough to see the craptastic view of America as it is today to switch from the two major parties, but for just one election. And if it doesn’t work out, phooey on all of it you can have your tyranny back.

Here’s a transcript of the megaphone driven audio:

My name is Gary Johnson. Today I reach out to you: members of all political parties.

I reach out to everyone with a vote and an axe to grind.

From the Tea Party to the Constitution Party, Green and Libertarian Parties: I call out to all of you. Including the disaffected and disillusioned among the Republicans and Democrats.

Today, there’s a handful of people in Washington ruining America for three hundred and thirty million of us. They’ve kept our nation in a state of perpetual war; and increasing, unsustainable debt. This small group has presided over the elimination of our Bill of Rights, and the systematic dismantling of our freedoms guaranteed us under our constitution.

It is them we should be fighting, not each other. We the people will never agree on the small things, but let’s agree on the big things.

Our leaders have blown it. if we don’t get control of this ship together, and fix it together, we all go down with it together.

I ask you to join me in something that’s never been attempted before in America: let’s put our parties and differences aside one time. Be libertarian with me for one election.

Together, we’ll stop the spending and end the wars. Together, we’ll rebuild our own roads, bridges, schools and hospitals instead of building theirs half a world away. Together, we’ll restore our industrial might and our economy.

And if, in four years we as a people decide we don’t like peace, prosperity and freedom, we can always vote tyranny back into office, again.

America is better and brighter than this. Be libertarian with me this one time, and I’ll prove it to you. Live free.

The video fades from large, impact font letters reading LIVE FREE to a scene of the Washington Monument during a thunderstorm. And in a blink and you’ll miss it moment, a naughtily worded subliminal message is snuck in during the lightning flash.

At least the Johnson campaign spits truth in those rare instances they slip in a naughty word.

We’ll see if Johnson can ultimately pull off a surge of popularity enough to meet the 15% threshold requirement of the Commission on Presidential Debates (he’s currently polling at 4% nationally according to a recent Zogby poll). Unfortunately if Ron Paul’s media blackout is any indication of how libertarians are to be treated by the establishment press, Johnson has a jagged campaign trail ahead of him. nNntraditional ads like this might just help make him more apealing to a large swath of disaffected voters (not to mention Ron Paul supporters still reeling from the reality he won’t be the GOP nominee), and everyone now casting about for a convincing leader other than Romney or Obama in 2012.

  1. Wow-one of THE best political campaign ads I’ve ever seen.  Impressive.  And dead on target.  

  2. Great ad!
    Although I would implore the Johnson Campaign to include The Occupy movement.  It was of the Obama administrations chief mistakes I think.  There were thousands upon thousands of these people in every city.  There was a real union that came together.  And they are READY for an ad like this!  If you are going to site “radical” movements like the Tea party, then you should definitely site the other end and include The Occupy movement.

  3. I agree with jv. When I heard him calling out the groups of the disillusioned, I thought “He’s gonna call out to the occupiers! Yes!” But it never happened. Still a great ad, though…  

  4. This ad very effectively gets around a deeply impressive candidate’s limitations as a speaker. He will not be our next president, but if he manages as much as 20% a message will be sent that whoever wins will not be able to ignore. Ross Perot’s 18% in 1992 led to a balanced budget and the most conservative presidency of the latter half of the 20th Century: Bill Clinton’s 

  5. /2012/gary-johnson-ad-be-libertarian-with-me-one-election/


    Gary Johnson “Be Libertarian with me” one election


    Garry Johnson was brought to my attention by Willie Nelson and you
    have to hand it to him Willie Nelson knows what freedom is!


    Without Ron Paul running Gary Johnsom maybe our best bet!

    Terry Black


  6. Im voting for GJ…..Romney and Obama are the same person.

    If you dont vote your heart we will never fix the country.